Benefits of getting Canada Study Visa after 12th in India?

Benefits of getting Canada Study Visa after 12th in India?

2024 has been a year of multiple updates when it comes to Canada study visas. These changes have incited mixed reactions amongst international students. Students are uncomfortable with the student cap high proof of funds, getting provincial attestation letters, PGWP rules, spouse work permit updates etc. In such a case would you like to know what are the benefits of getting Canada Study Visa after 12th in India?

Before we address the topic of the blog post, you must know the 2024 Canada study visa updates:

  • Firstly, Canada is capping the inflow of international students to 360,000.
  • Secondly, your Canadian University/College must verify your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) with IRCC – Click here.
  • Also, need for Provincial Attestation Letters (PAL) along with Letter of Approval (LOA).
    • Nunavut – 333.
    • Northwest Territories – 333.
    • Prince Edward Island – 2,004.
    • Newfoundland and Labrador – 2,365.
    • New Brunswick – 9,279.
    • Saskatchewan – 12,000.
    • Nova Scotia – 12,900.
    • Manitoba – 15,200.
    • Alberta – 40,894.
    • British Columbia – 83,000.
    • Ontario – 235,000.
  • Besides, proof of funds requirement is up from CAD 10,000 to CAD 20,635 – GIC requirement.
  • Moreover, PGWP updates such as:
    • No 18-month extension on PGWP.
    • Master’s and PhD applicants to get 3 years PGWP. Irrespective of their study program duration.
  • Further, Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP) updates such as:
    • Spouses/Common-law partners of Master’s and PhD candidates can apply for SOWP – Click here to read more.
    • Spouses/Common-law partners of selective Bachelor’s degree students to get Spousal Open Work Permit.
    • No flagpoling for PGWP applicants – Click here to read more.
  • Student working hours rise to 24 hours per week – Click here to read more.

The above list is long but the benefits for 12th grade students from India wishing to study in Canada persist.


Benefits of Studying in Canada after 12th in India in 2024

If you are planning to study in Canada, the above-mentioned pointers may seem a downer. But the above measures are in place to ensure international students benefit from studying in Canada after the 12th in the following ways:

  • Firstly, continue to get a top-class education.
  • Secondly, are safe.
  • Also, do not face crises such as:
    • Housing
    • Higher living costs
  • Besides, continue to get higher job opportunities.
  • Moreover, can earn an average of CAD 1,240 weekly.


Overcoming Canada study visa challenges in 2024

The indian or in general applicants currently face a dilemma in navigating the study abroad journey alone. Because UG applicants will face a study cap. Also, get a Spousal Open Work Permit restriction if their bachelor’s program does not come under 1 of the following courses:

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS, DMD)
  • Bachelor of Law or Juris Doctor (LLB, JD, BCL)
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • Doctor of Optometry (OD)
  • Pharmacy (PharmD, BS, BSc, BPharm)
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN, BSN, BNSc)
  • Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng., BE, BASc)


However, indian or international students must not forget that studying in Canada is still the cheapest in comparison to the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Also, Canada has a higher job vacancy rate of 3.3% (April 2024). As a result, foreign students can easily get a job to meet up their expenses.


Top Canadian Universities To Study in 2024

As per the QS World Ranking 2024, houses some of the best and finest academic institutions that ensure stellar career success. In addition, an academic degree, diploma, or certificate helps upscale your career in comparison to your home country.

The following is a list of some of the following top-ranking Canadian universities:

  1. University of Toronto – Rank 25.
  2. McGill University – Rank 29.
  3. University of British Columbia – Rank 38.
  4. University of Alberta – Rank 96.
  5. University of Waterloo – Rank 115.
  6. Western University – Rank 120.
  7. Université de Montréal – Rank 159.
  8. McMaster University – Rank 176.
  9. University of Ottawa – Rank 189.
  10. Queens University at Kingston – Rank 193.
  11. University of Calgary – Rank 198.


Best High-Earning Courses to Study in Canada 2024

  1. Computer Science – CAD 80,000 to 90,000.
  2. Dentistry – CAD 100,000 to 180,000. 
  3. Architect – CAD 100,000 to 120,000.
  4. Finance – CAD 50,000 to 100,000.
  5. Pilot – CAD 80,000 to 100,000.
  6. Law – CAD 50,000 to 100,000.
  7. Accounting – CAD 60,000 to 90,000.
  8. Pharmacy – CAD 50,000 to 120,000.


Applying for a Canada study visa as an international student

Now you know the benefits of getting a Canada study visa after 12th in 2024. The next step for you is to apply for a study visa. To do the same there are two pathways:

Factors General Study Visa Student Direct Stream
Eligible Nationals Anyone can apply 15 country’s residents can apply
LOA 2-3 weeks 2-3 weeks
PAL 2 weeks 2 weeks
GIC CAD 20,635  CAD 20,635 
Language Skills [In-person test only]  [In-person test only] 
IELTS Academic/General – overall 6/7 or higher IELTS Academic/General – overall 6/7 or higher
TOEFL iBT – 83 TOEFL iBT – 83
CAEL – 60  CAEL – 60 
PTE Academic – 60 PTE Academic – 60
Visa timeline 8 to 12 weeks 20 days

Besides, did you know that as an Indian national you qualify for a fast-track Canada study visa processing under the Student Direct Stream (SDS).

In conclusion, studying in Canada is not just a desire but a chosen responsibility. Thus, you must take into account all possible outcomes, be it study choice, visa category, finances, student jobs, career prospects etc.

Finally, apply for a Canada Study Visa as an informed applicant. take our Free Assessment or Contact Us to connect with our Overseas Education Counsellors TODAY!

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