BC PNP issues 11 ITAs in 2 latest draws

Entrepreneur Immigration Category draw: BC PNP issues 11 ITAs in 2 latest draws.

On April 13, 2021, BC PNP issues 11 ITAs in 2 latest draws under its Entrepreneur Immigration (EI) category. In the 2 simultaneous draws, to qualify the applicants needed a CRS score of:

Draw 1

EI – Base Category: CRS score requirement – 126

Draw 2

EI – Regional Pilot: CRS score requirement – 116

Overall, the draws selected 11 applicants. Also, the selected applicants can now apply for permanent residence in Canada. However, looking at the past draws, we can see that the CRS score is going up. And the number of ITAs is going down. But this not something one must worry about. As this rise and fall in the figures is temporary. Because all other immigration draws are under the influence of positive immigration trends. This means Canada is selecting a large number of applicants for PR. Also, it is deliberately keeping the CRS score requirement low. So, more applicants can successfully settle in Canada.

BC PNP’s Entrepreneur Immigration category selects skilled businessmen for the province. If you have the special skills, training, work experience, language skills and funds to buy/set up and run a business in BC then apply now. As BC will select applicants who have the skills to grow its economy. With this BC PNP category, the province can make sure that the business sector grows at a faster rate. By focusing on the business sector BC can:

  • Increase the GDP of the province.
  • Introduce innovative practices and techniques in the business market
  • Job Creation
  • Creating a global business platform
  • Transferring skills to BC people

If you want to become a successful Canadian business person then apply now. So, do you qualify to apply? Confused about the Canadian immigration process? No worries, apply with GVI.

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