BC PNP invites 8 applicants from Entrepreneur Immigration stream

British Columbia under BC PNP invites 8 applicants from Entrepreneur Immigration stream.

On Feb 2, 2021, BC PNP invites 8 applicants from Entrepreneur Immigration stream – Base category. Applicants selected in this draw needed a minimum qualifying score of 122.

If you have an ITA from this draw, then it means you:

  • Firstly, submitted an EOI to BC PNP.
  • Secondly, meet the sub-stream terms to apply such as:
    • Will be actively working in your business daily.
    • Agree to live in BC.
    • Have a minimum language skill level of CLB/NCLC 4 in English/French.
  • Also, meet additional terms  factors such as:
    • Qualify for immigrating to Canada
    • Personal Net Worth
    • Business Owner-Manager and/or Senior Manager Experience
    • Education
    • Have a qualifying business (meet BC PNP terms for the same
    • Have an eligible personal investment
    • Meet al BC PNP outline job requirements related to the business.
    • For a partnership business meet the BC PNP listed terms for the same.
  • Finally, get a CRS score of 122.

Further, applicants qualifying in the Feb 02 BC PNP draw can now apply to IRCC for permanent residence in Canada.

British Columbia’s Entrepreneur category helps the province attract skilled businessmen to the province. So, applicants who get selected have a chance to buy or set up a business in BC. Also, they get to live and settle in BC permanently. The whole effort of BC to engage in such draws is to make sure its economy is growing. A stream as such helps BC develop its key business areas and help grow innovation and creativity in business. It also helps the province to transfer the skills of foreign business people to its economy. Thereby automatically creating jobs, training, and an experience-sharing platform.

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