BC invites fresh 232 applicants in latest Tech PNP draw

BC invites fresh 232 applicants in latest Tech PNP draw

Dec 19, 2023: British Columbia holds a fresh draw for Tech and Targeted draw categories. BC invites fresh 232 applicants in latest Tech PNP draw. Looking at the below draw details we see a higher demand for tech applicants including other targeted categories.

The details of the current draw are:

Dec 19, 2023 – BC PNP draw
Draw type EOI score Invites
Tech draw 95 107
Healthcare 60 29
Construction 75 32
Childcare 60 62


BC invites 232 fresh applicants. But at first glance, we do not see many changes. However, in comparison to the last similar Dec 05, 2023, BC PNP draw we can see the following:

  • Firstly, we see 15 more tech applicants have a PNP invitation. But the EOI score is up by 1 point.
  • Secondly, the healthcare sector applicants see a 5-point rise in selection.
  • But the construction sector sees a 1-point decline in invites.
  • However, the childcare sector sees 14 more invites being issued.


Thus, in the latest tech PNP draw with 232 fresh applicants getting an invitation, we can expect a positive rise in upcoming draws. However, the province has already held 3 BC PNP draws in Dec. So, it will be a bit difficult to see any further draws for this year.


However, we may see a draw under the BC Entrepreneurs Immigration draws for 2023. But Canadian immigration draws are unpredictable. As a result, one never knows what shall happen next. But looking at the draw pattern if BC chooses to hold more draws, then like 232 fresh applicants more applicants will get a PNP invitation.


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