BC invites 227 applicants for BC PNP nomination

Sep 19, 2023: BC invites 227 applicants for BC PNP nomination

British Columbia BC invites 227 applicants for BC PNP nomination. Applicants qualifying in the BC PNP General + Targeted draw can now apply to the province for a PNP nomination. The details of the draw are as the following:

General draw – 147 applicants qualify for nomination.

  • Skilled Worker (SW) + (SW) EEBC option – 108 qualifying draw score.
  • International Graduate (IG) + IG EEBC option – 111 qualifying draw score.
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled – 89 qualifying draw score.


Targeted draw – 78 applicants qualify for nomination.

  • Childcare NOC 42202 – 51 applicants qualify to apply for nomination.
  • Healthcare – 27  applicants qualify to apply for nomination.


Besides, we can see a clear rise in the selection of applicants in the current draw. As the last BC PNP draw Sep 06, 2023, issued 222 invites. Whereas the current draw invites 5 more applicants for BC PNP nomination.

British Columbia under BC PNP categories selects skilled workers. These foreign workers who match the right skills for the right in-demand job are invited to settle in the province. This way BC can curb its rising demand for workers across all sectors. And also, meet its labour market needs.

Besides, one must not forget that the province is one of the most popular destinations amongst foreign workers after Ontario. And enjoys a huge influx of skilled workers entering the province each year. However. the province has its own demands and needs and thus carefully offers provincial nomination certificates to the right candidates.

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