Back to back Express Entry draws new agriculture draw issues 400 ITAs

Back to back Express Entry draws new agriculture draw issues 400 ITAs

Canada is on a roll to select foreign skilled workers. The great proof of the same is the 7th Express Entry draw in Dec 2023. Back to back Express Entry draws new agriculture draw issues 400 ITAs. The current draw is the fourth draw of the week and the second category-based draw for agriculture and agri-food occupations.

The details of the Dec 21, 2023, Express Entry category-based draw is:

  • Firstly, 400 applicants with job profiles in agriculture and agri-food occupations have an ITA for a PR visa.
  • Secondly, the CRS cut-off is 386.
  • Also, the tie-breaking rule is July 06, 2023, at 05:44:14 UTC.


In comparison, to the first Express Entry agriculture draw we see the following changes:

  • Firstly, 200 fewer applicants have an ITA,
  • Secondly, the CRS cut-off is higher by 49.


The occupations that have been targeted in this draw are:

Agriculture and Agri-Food Occupations
Job Profile NOC code (2021) TEER category (2021)
Contractors and supervisors, landscaping, grounds maintenance and horticulture services 82031 2
Agricultural service contractors and farm supervisors 82030 2
Butchers- retail and wholesale 63201 3


Will Canada hold more back to back Express Entry draws for the remaining days in Dec?

As discussed in earlier Express Entry (EE) news articles, the immigration industry is speculating when IRCC will hold the last EE draw of 2023. But whenever they seem to get close to it, IRCC holds a new draw. It is the first time that Canada is holding 7 draws in a week. 

When we see the draw patterns and the history of draws, Canada always breaks its immigration level targets. This is why everyone is anticipating whether Canada will over and beyond in issuing ITAs for PR visas in 2023 or not.

In addition, the year has seen multiple policies, and updates that have received mixed reactions from industry experts and people who wish to move to Canada. But looking at the PNP and PR invites, the figures do not show strong signs of change.

However, one may say that the number of PR invitations is barely anything in comparison to the applications in the pool. But when Canada is almost going to reach its target of 465,000 invites in 2023, the draws will slow down. 

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