Avoid these 5 common US visa interview mistakes

Avoid these 5 common US visa interview mistakes

The US dream is a term that attracts and motivates countless foreign immigrants to move to the USA. The US is one of the sought-after destinations to study, work or settle. Also, the American dream symbolises that anyone can succeed in America through grit and passion. But what if that dream breaks because you do not perform well in your US visa interview? In such a case you must know how to avoid these 5 common US visa interview mistakes:

1. Arriving on time not late

You know it and you must follow it. You need to understand that the interviewer is also a human being. And you are not the only interviewee for the day. Thus, showing punctuality is the utmost form of respect you can present yourself with.

Many US visa applicants appear late and are denied a chance for a visa interview. So, you can lose the battle before entering the battlefield. It may be an old saying, to arrive before time but it surely works when trying to avoid US visa mistakes.


2. Never carry an incomplete set of supporting documents

Depending on what visa type you are applying for, at all times, you should have a complete set of supporting documents. Be very careful and double-check your documents while leaving for the interview. It is always wise to have a checklist of documents to carry. So, you do not miss any visa-related documents.

At times, applicants carry all documents they feel are necessary for the interview. Just imagine the interviewer asking you for a document and you begin fumbling through your huge pile of unarranged documents. Your effect on the time-constrained US visa interviewer may not be positive.


3. Communication skills – Talk the Talk!

On the avoid these 5 common US visa interview mistakes list, the current point will set the tone of your interview. As we say, your impressions first are seen and then heard. So, in a US visa interview, the interviewer will get an idea of your personality from your attire and then the moment you speak.

This is why it is vital to use a formal mode of communication. Be polite, use simple and clear words. Because you need to understand that the interviewer is experienced and can separate the truth from lies. It is very foolish to see people argue with the interviewer. They are their test of your intent so they according to the assessment may grill you.

However, being rude and informal with an interviewer may not lead you towards your US visa approval.


4. Formal Attire – Dress to Impress!

As shared above, your first look, when you enter will set the stage for your US visa interview. Just picture, you meeting a casual-looking person asking you to approve a very important matter. So, will you immediately trust that person? No! because the presentation matters – look formal and presentable and wear your confidence when you enter that visa interview. 

Entering with casual clothes, an unironed shirt, stained pants, or entering as if you fought the battle of Troy… all such appearances will indicate that you are not serious about your journey to the USA.

For example, if a student or a skilled worker has such a casual attitude, the interviewer will deduce that your intent is just to enter the USA. And you may become a defaulter or illegal immigrant in future plus the security concerns.

Thus, paying attention to looking good and feeling good will lead to success.


5. Never lie – For truth prevails ALWAYS!

You are a confident, well-dressed, smart, and soft-spoken person. So, it is natural for you to feel that you will avoid these 5 common US visa interview mistakes. However, your interviewer is all that and more. 

Day in and day out they interview countless candidates. They screen them, detect lies, coax people into giving information, instruct and guide applicants, extend a helping hand to genuine candidates, reject/accept applications, and report fraud.

So, even in your smart mind never think of lying in your US visa interview. Be smart, thoughtful, and clear. Because these professionals can sniff the lies and vague information and are skilled in getting the information out of you.


In short, avoid these 5 US visa mistakes and you will be one step ahead of others for your visa approval. You can also get assistance from a licensed immigration consultant who can prepare you on how to face the US visa officer.

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