Automated processing of Canada Work Visa via IEC starts

Automated processing of Canada Work Visa via IEC starts

Nov 07, 2023: Canada shares news of fast-tracking Canada Work Permit application. Yes, automated processing of Canada Work Visa via IEC starts now. As a result, applicants will get faster Canada work visa approval. Not only this but the earlier issue of higher waiting time for visa processing will be duly met.

The new automated process will filter applications and assign them to an immigration officer. As per the complexity of the applications, immigration officers as per their knowledge and experience will be assigned a work visa application. However, if an application under IEC does not match the eligibility criteria, then it will be automatically rejected. However, the refused application can still be manually reviewed by the immigration officer at his/her/its discretion.

As a result, this way applicants can get a faster decision on work permit applications for Canada. Also, for the immigration department, the repetitive and clerical work will be lower. The new system is set as per IRCC rules and regulations. So, all applications get better screening, decision making and allotment to visa officers.


Why is Canada using automated processing for IEC Canada Work Visa?

The new process is per Canada’s commitment to digitalise the immigration system. Thereby, making sure faster visa processing and decisions can be made. Canada has a high demand for foreign skilled workers. And if the country does not use this approach, then their application backlog will go higher.

Also, in recent times, IRCC has been facing staffing issues. Let us not forget certain cases where the visa decisions of officers have been refused. As a result, automation will help maintain the integrity of the immigration system.


Why is IRCC focusing on the IEC Work Visa automation process?

The International Experience Canada (IEC) is a program for young skilled workers up to the age of 35 to work in Canada with ease. Under this program, applicants do not need an LMIA approval for the job offer they have.

Thus, this program is popular amongst applicants who wish to make a fast-track entry to Canada.

  • However, only 37 eligible countries citizens can take part in this program.
  • Firstly, as per your country, you will be able to apply to 1 of the IEC categories:
    • Working Holiday
    • Young Professionals
    • International Co-op
  • Secondly, once you apply for your work permit profile enter the IEC pool.
  • Also, IRCC holds periodic draws, and you will get an invitation if you qualify.
  • However, there is an opening and closing date for each selection season every year.
    • So, you will have to keep an eye on the same.


As a result, Automated processing of Canada Work Visa will help Canada select young skilled workers faster. In short, fast-track your Canada work visa now.

In short, apply under the watchful eyes of a CICC Licensed Immigration Consultant. You can either take our Free Assessment or Contact Us to know more.

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