The South Australian government announces the list of approved occupations for sponsorship under DAMA

The South Australian government went into Designed Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) with the federal government.

Notably, this agreement allows business and employers facing skill shortages in certain occupations to find skilled overseas workers. It is a joint collaboration of the South Australian Government and the Australian Government. 

Introduction to DAMA (Designed Area Migration Agreement)

To explain, the DAMA is a part of the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa labor agreement (Subclass 482 labor agreement stream). Further, DAMA allows employers to sponsor skilled and semi-skilled positions in the occupations where the employers are facing labor shortages.

In detail, the sponsorship by the employers falls under the two agreements. Furthermore, these two agreements include the list of approved occupations and range of concessions that are eligible for sponsorship under the SA DAMA.

Given below are the two agreements:

  • Adelaide Innovation and Technology Agreement
  • South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement

Adelaide Innovation and Technology Agreement

There are 60 occupations on the agreement. to point out, this agreement deals with the occupation in Adelaide city.

These list of occupations under this agreement includes:

  • Defense,
  • Space,
  • Advanced manufacturing and technology industries

Moreover, the agreement provides employers with the ability to access and retain a highly skilled foreign workforce.

On a positive note, the concession given in the agreement is the allowance of the pathway to the applicants for permanent residency.

South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement

This agreement will cover the entire state of South Australia. Further, the agreement has 114 occupations on the list.

Given below is the occupations given in the list are industries:

  • Agribusiness,
  • Health,
  • Aged care,
  • Hospitality,
  • Tourism,
  • Mining
  • Construction sectors.

To point out, these are key regional growth industries. Therefore, giving the employers an opportunity to invite and retain a skilled workforce.

Additionally, concessions for occupations given in the SARWA are:

  • Up to 10% reduction of the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), which is set nationally.
  • English language concessions at IELTS (or equivalent in another accepted English language test) 4.5 with no less than 4.0 in any of the four test components.
  • Skills assessment concession.
  • Age concession to enable pathways to permanent residency.
  • SA DAMA allows eligible businesses access to 4 occupations not listed in ANZSCO.

To conclude, further information relating to the DAMA application process and how to apply will be released on 1st July 2019.

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