Australia’s 3 New Sub-Class Visa & New Points System Bring Cheers To Immigrants

Australia Immigration to launch the new points system by November 2019.

The Australian Immigration is set to launch the three new sub class visas and the new points system in the year 2019. In fact, it excited the huge number of candidates who seek to move to the Australia as the unmarried candidates get the extra points as per new the Australia Immigration policies.

The unmarried candidates are waiting for the new rules to take effect sooner. The idea came in April 2019 and is beginning by November 2019 as per the Australia Immigration department.

The Productivity Commission of the Australia made these changes with an Australia immigration department.

Introduction of the three new sub class visa by the Australia Immigration.

To promote more and more migration, the Australia immigration is introducing three new visas that is:

  • The Sub class 491 as the Skilled Worker Regional Provisional visa.
  • The Skilled Employer Regional Provisional visa as the Sub class 494.
  • The Sub class 191 as the Permanent Resident Skilled Regional visa.

The sub class 491 visa is replacing the old sub class 187 visa.

It is the points based system to promote the migration to the Australia. Likewise, the candidates can apply whose family members are living in the Australia.

Similarly, the sub class 494 visa allows the employers to give the job offers to the employees for three years in the Australia.

Finally, the program is launching on 16th November 2019.

Overall 9,000 more job offers are available under the program. The Newcastle, The Wollongong and The New South Wales and the Central Coast in the Australia are going be the new job areas.

The idea of this visa is to allow the employers to employ more and more skilled employees in the Australia.

In addition, the sub class 191 visa will start from 16th November 2022. As a result, the visa will be valid to the candidates who have the Subclass 491 and 494 visas with them.

The Sub class 191 visa norm is as follows:

  • To have the regional visa when the candidates apply for the Sub class 191 visa and hold the visa for 3 years at least.
  • Besides to earn the minimum salary for the three years as a holder of the visa.
  • The applicants must follow the rules of the visa.

The candidates eagerly wait for the new points system.

On 16th November, the Australian points system will change.

It gives the points to the unmarried candidates as they will get the more chances to apply for the visas. The aim is to give the 10 points to the unmarried people.

The Australia invites the more and more skilled single foreigners and stops the entry of the unskilled spouses with them. The candidates have to put their marriage on hold to get the 10 points when they have the job offer in the Australia.

Notably, the changes in the new points based system are as follows:

  • 10 points to the candidates from the S-T-E-M background.
  • Skilled spouse get the 10 points.
  • Furthermore, the 10 points to the singles.
  • 5  more points to the spouse having the English knowledge.
  • The applicants with the family sponsorship will get the 15 points.

Finally, the candidates who can contribute more and more to the Australian economy on the basis of their skills in all sectors will get chances to enroll for the Australian visa. The Australia is now receiving more highly skilled candidates in the nature.

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