Aug 26 SINP draw issues 573 ITAs

On Aug 26 SINP draw issues 573 ITAs to applicants from the Occupations in-demand stream.

Saskatchewan recently held its latest SINP draw for applicants from its occupations in-demand stream. Also, to qualify the applicants needed a minimum CRS score of 68. Further, the applicants who have received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) can now apply for permanent residence in Canada.

In addition to the CRS score requirement, to qualify the applicants needed to:

  • Have an ECA report.
  • Applicants selected from 1 of the 50 occupations in-demand had:
    • 69 points or higher,
    • 68 points and have a connection to Saskatchewan, and
    • 68 points and had 10 years of work experience and CLB 8 language skill level or higher.

Further, if you received an ITA in this draw then it means you:

  • Firstly, have applied to SINP.
    • Under the occupations in-demand stream of the SINP International Skilled Worker category.
  • Secondly, submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile.
  • Also, meet the factors of the Points Grid Assessment:
    • Education and Training
    • Skilled Work Experience
    • Language Skills
    • Age
    • Connection to Saskatchewan and Adaptability
  • Further, have a minimum EOI score of 68.

After getting an ITA an applicant can apply to IRCC for a Canada PR.

In comparison to the 2nd Aug 14 SINP draw, in the current draw:

  • The CRS score was down by 1 point.
  • 326 more applicants were selected.

Aug 26 SINP draw issues 573 ITAs
which is a positive sign for people who wish to apply to SINP for a Canada visa. Thus, looking at the above figures, we can expect the CRS score to go down a point or two. Also, more people will get an ITA in the upcoming draws. If anyone wishes to get a Canada visa then looking at the positive trends then they must apply now.

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