Atlantic High Skilled Program

Atlantic High Skilled Program

The Atlantic High Skilled Program of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot selects highly skilled workers to fill vacant job positions.

Who can apply to the Atlantic High Skilled Program of AIP?

To apply, meet the following terms:

  • Firstly, have valid work experience;
  • Secondly, meet the education level requirements;
  • Also, have a minimum language skill level;
  • Further, give proof of settlement funds.


Work Experience

  • Minimum 1560 paid work hours within 3 years;
  • Work experience must have been in a NOC skill level 0, A, or B;

Besides, calculate your work hours as per:

  • The number of hours worked in part-time and full-time jobs.
  • Your work hours must be in one occupation but can be with different employers.
  • You cannot count work hours during a period of self-employment.
  • However, work hours can be inside or outside of Canada.
  • Also, work hours must have been gained within a minimum period of 12 months.

Education Level

  • Degree, diploma, or certificate from a recognised Canadian post-secondary or secondary institution; or
  • Submit an ECA report to make sure that foreign credentials are equal to the Canadian education system.
  • Also, the ECA report must not be more than 5 years.


Language Skills

To prove your job ready English language skills, you must submit valid language test results for English – IELTS/CELPIP, for French – TEF/TCF. Also, these test results must not be less than 2 years old. Further, they must prove that you have a minimum CLB/NCLC 4 level in all four key skill areas – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

Minimum score needed for CLB / NCLC 4
Your score must be equal to or greater than the scores below
Test Reading Writing Listening Speaking
CELPIP–General 4 4 4 4
IELTS–General 3.5 4.0 4.5 4.0
TEF Canada 121 181 145 181
TCF Canada 342 4 331 4

A Valid Job Offer

To qualify in Atlantic High Skilled Program, you must have a valid job offer from an employer from the Atlantic Provinces. Also, your job offer must meet the following terms:

  • Your employer must have given you a job offer after using the Offer of Employment to a Foreign National IMM 5650 form;
  • This job offer is from an AIP designated employer from the Atlantic province where you will be working (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, or Prince Edward Island).
  • Also, the job offer is for full-time, a minimum of 30 hours a week paid work;
  • This job is non-seasonal, regular, and paid work throughout the year;
  • The job comes under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Level 0, A, or B;
  • Finally, the job offer is for a minimum period of 1 year.