Apr 11 2022 MPNP Ukraine special measure draw invites 20 applicants

Apr 11 2022 MPNP Ukraine Special Measure Draw Invites 20 Applicants

Manitoba holds 3rd special immigration measure draw for Ukraine. The draw issued a total of 20 LAAs for qualifying applicants.

Besides, to qualify in this draw the applicants needed to meet the terms such as:

  • Are a citizen of Ukraine.
  • Must have a minimum language skill level of CLB 4.
  • Also, have a connection with Manitoba through:
    • Either a close relative or a family-like member, or
    • Community, or
    • Past work experience, or
    • Past study experience.
  • Besides, the language test results must be valid.
  • Finally, must have a minimum of 60 points as per the MPNP assessment criteria.

Manitoba on Apr 11 2022 MPNP Ukraine special measure draw invites 20 applicants. This comes in accordance with the special measures introduced by IRCC. Such an effort comes from the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Russia Vs Ukraine – A glimpse into the global crisis

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been the talk of the global table. In the 21st century post World War II it comes as a shock to witness such a horrific event in your lifetime. The world has been revolving around wars fueled by personal conflicts, misunderstandings, greed, grudges, and aimless ambitions. But in the present scenario, we have international bodies, inter-country / international treaties and agreements, and a cosmic understanding of the ills of war. But the current crisis is a threat to humanity.

Ukraine’s undoing has been long due. Looking at Vladimir Putin’s to poison Russian minds via private media and twisting of political past and religious history has led to the current invasion. We can trace his inspiration from the fall of the soviet union and Russia’s fall from global dominance on Dec 25, 1991.

Looking at the Russian president’s moves, and activities we can see him (if successful) create a Russian empire for himself. Thereby reversing the tracks of time. We all are aware of the situation in Ukraine. the cities that are being destroyed, the loss of life and the magnum opus sheltering and or migration.

Amidst the conflicts between two countries, it is the populous that is paying the price of existence.

Canada’s extension of support to Ukraine is humane and profitable

Ukraine and Canada have a long and rich association covering all factors of growth. Canada has been developing, supporting, and funding Ukraine since 1994. And has invested more than $890 million dollars towards the overall growth of Ukraine.

Looking at the ongoing crisis the country has offered to share $650 million dollars in assistance. In addition, it has introduced special immigration measures to facilitate the transition of Ukrainians to Canada.

Besides, this move fosters Canada’s humanitarian image on a global platform. And from immigration preview adds not just a figure in population but a score of getting skilled workers. If not, the same lot can be trained and assimilated into Canadian society.

Apr 11 2022 MPNP Ukraine special measure draw invites 20 applicants. And Manitoba including other provinces is following the same path. IRCC guidelines on the same are making headlines as the number of selection of Ukrainians is going up.

Irrespective of all, Manitoba is holding both general draws and special draws for Ukraine. So, claim your Canada PR visa now.

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