Another 7000 people get ITA for Canada PR in 244th Express Entry draw

Another 7000 people get ITA for Canada PR in 244th Express Entry draw

Canada once again surprised everyone as another 7000 people get ITA for Canada PR in 244th Express Entry draw on Mar 23, 2023. And we also see the CRS cut-off fall to 484. This is 6 points fall in the CRS cut-off in comparison to the earlier draw.

When Canada made history by inviting 7000 applicants in Mar 15, 2023, Express Entry all-program draw, no one ever thought of a second consecutive EE all-program draw repeating the same trend. As a result, we can see that Canada is on a trend to create new milestones towards the selection of a higher number of people for a Canada PR visa.

Because not only do we see a rise in the selection of applicants like never before but also a fall in the CRS cut-off. Besides, Canada’s immigration draws have created trends that affect all immigration pathways. So, if we are seeing a fall in cut-off and a rise in ITAs then we should expect a slightly similar effect on Canada PNP draws and other Express Entry (EE) categories draw.


2023 history-making year for the Express Entry draws

Date Draw Category ITAs issued CRS cut-off
March 23, 2023 No Program Specified 7,000 484
March 15, 2023 No Program Specified 7,000 490
March 1, 2023 Provincial Nominee Program 667 748
February 15, 2023 Provincial Nominee Program 699 791
February 2, 2023 Federal Skilled Worker 3,300 489
February 1, 2023 Provincial Nominee Program 893 733
January 18, 2023 No Program Specified 5,500 490
January 11, 2023 No Program Specified 5,500 507


Looking at the details above, we can understand the following positive updates:

  • Express Entry all-program draws are showing a consistent rise in the selection of applicants.
  • Also, the cut-off for the same is falling lower with each draw conducted.
  • However, EE PNP category draws are seeing a constant fall in the selection of applicants.
  • Also, under the same, the CRS-cut off is changing in an irregular pattern.
  • Further, Canada has begun holding draws for the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Category (FSW). Something that has never been done before.


Thus, looking at the above updates, we should continue to expect a higher selection of people for permanent residency in Canada.

As of now, IRCC has issued 30,559 ITAs. Out of which 25,000 invites have been issued in four EE all-program draws, 2,259 ITAs in three EE PNP draws, and 3,300 ITAs in the new EE FSW draw.


How to successfully apply and qualify for PR visa via the Express Entry (EE) System?

With all the news of Canada conducting history-making Express Entry (EE) draws, it is natural to feel drawn to making your dream of immigrating to Canada come true. And what could be better than applying to the fastest Canada PR Pathway – The Express Entry (EE) System!

To apply to the same, you must meet the following terms such as:

  • Firstly, apply under 1 of the EE sub-streams:
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
    • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Secondly, meet Human Capital Factors:
    • Age
    • Education
    • Work Experience
    • Language Skills
    • Also, match the Express Entry (EE) periodic draw cut-off.
  • Finally, get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to submit a PR visa application.


Moreover, you will have 60 days from the date of getting an ITA to submit a complete and error-free application. Further, once you apply IRCC will process your application. And upon successful processing of the PR visa application, IRCC will give you a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR).

And thus, you will complete your PR visa processing journey in 6-8 months. So, if you are yet to apply to get an ITA to submit a PR visa application for Canada, Apply Now!


So, why wait? In short, take our Free Assessment. Contact Us to connect with an Immigration Expert now!

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