Alberta Self Employed Farmer Stream

Alberta Self Employed Farmer Stream

AINP aims to promote farming in Alberta through the Alberta Self Employed Farmer Stream. As a result, it invites farmers to come and set up a farming business in Alberta. So, you can apply if you want to settle in Alberta in the farming business sector.

Besides, AINP checks applicants’ profile by working with the Ministry of Culture and Agriculture of Alberta. So, that it can choose the right applicant for the right occupation. But for selection, you need to show interest in setting up a farming business in Alberta. Also, you should have farm management skills and funds for primary production farming business in the province.

Self-employed farmers need to:

  1. Prove they have farm management skills:
    1. Know how to record and manage the funds of the current farming business.
    2. Show proof of studies, training, and work experience.
    3. Give a business plan to show how the applicant wants to work in the Alberta farming sector.
    4. Show proof of funding by a Canadian financial institution.
  2. Show funding to do business in Alberta:
    1. Minimum investment of CDN $500,000 in equity.
    2. Documents showing a net worth of CDN $500,000 or show access to funds from other sources.

Note: AINP can ask you to show an investment of more than the minimum CDN $500,000.

  1. Prove intention of investing in Alberta farming sector:
    1. Show investment interest in the business plan.
    2. Govt of Alberta will choose you if your plan profits the agri-food sector.

However, the following can not apply under AINP Self-Employed Farmer Stream:

  1. Refugees or people in a federal claim, appeal, or removal process.
  2. Temporary residents living and working in a province other than Alberta.
  3. People currently living in Canada as live-in caregivers.
  4. Foreign students studying in Alberta. And foreign students doing co-op work as a part of their study program.