Alberta AAIP draw selects 150 candidates for PNP nomination

Alberta AAIP draw selects 150 candidates for PNP nomination

Oct 05, 2023: Alberta AAIP draw selects 150 candidates for PNP nomination. In the latest draw, the applicants have been selected as per the following:

  • Firstly, applied to the Alberta AAIP Express Entry (EE) category.
    • To do the same applied to the EE System under the FSW/FST or CEC category.
    • Also, meet human capital factors – Age, Education, Work Experience, and Language Skills.
  • Secondly, to qualify for invitation meet draw parameters such as:
    • Have a family connection from Alberta.
    • Your job profile must be in demand in the province.
    • CRS score must range between 300-500.


Besides, the current draw is the 14th AAIP draw targeting applicants with family connections and in-demand job profiles in Alberta. Whereas the rest of the draws parameters focused on:

  • Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with a job offer.
  • Priority sector – Agriculture occupation with Alberta job offer.
  • Family connection and primary occupation in demand.
  • Tourism and hospitality occupation with Alberta job offer.
  • Construction occupation with Alberta job offer.
  • Agriculture occupation and French as a first language.


The above are the parameters under which applicants have invitations in 40 AAIP draws up till now. The list also shows the demand for skilled professionals in Alberta. And how their occupations are in demand. As a result, anyone who wishes to immigrate to Canada and settle in Alberta can apply to the AAIP Express Entry stream.

Besides, it is linked to the Express Entry (EE) System and applicants get perks upon selection. So, when the current 150 applicants will get a PNP nomination, they will get an extra 600 CRS score. As a result, their overall rank in the EE pool will go up. And they will have a higher chance of getting an ITA for permanent residency in Canada.

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