After PGWP why is Canada reviewing the IRPA immigration law?

After PGWP why is Canada reviewing the IRPA immigration law?

Canada is on an informative bend and is implementing solutions to assist foreign immigrants to work, study and settle in Canada faster. Recently, Canada shared news of reforming the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). As per the details, we can surely see a positive change and rise in the selection of international students in future. But after PGWP why is Canada reviewing the IRPA immigration law?


The Immigration Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) is an act that overlooks the majority of Canada’s immigration programs. As per the latest Canada immigration strategies, the country has shared that it will continue to make upgrades as per the following key goals:

  • Firstly, withhold the integrity of the immigration system, by providing a faster and warm welcome to immigrants.
  • Secondly, ensure Canada’s labour market and economic needs are well met.
  • Also, develop a holistic growth plan for Canada’s immigration system.


What is IRPA and why is Canada reviewing the same?

IRPA immigration law sets the frame for the Canadian immigration system. For 21 years no change has been made to the IRPA. Canada believes making changes to IRPA will help offer immigrants a welcoming, safe, transparent and fast immigration experience. 

Besides, before IRPA there was the main immigration act of 1976. IRPA was introduced in 2002. But since then no updates have been made to the same. The IRPA is a modern, clear, distinct version of the earlier main act. And all amendments, clauses clearly state the nature and channels for the immigration system.


How will reviewing IRPA help Canada’s immigration system?

Reviewing the IRPA benefits Canada in the following ways:

  • Firstly, help in introducing special immigration categories/pathways such as Express Entry category-based draws.
  • Secondly, favour more consultation to take into consideration Canada’s capacity to integrate foreigners in future.
  • Also, by updating IRPA immigration law, Canada will be able to upgrade the visa application, review, and processing flow.
    • As a result, future applicants will faster, more transparent and fair visa processing.


So, such Canadian efforts to raise the inflow of foreign workers, students, and entrepreneurs are commendable. In such a case you must apply for a Canada Visa. Apply now with GVI!

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