9 Reasons Why Canada Will Reject Your Visitor Visa Application

9 Reasons Why Canada Will Reject Your Visitor Visa Application

Visitor visa in 2024 is Canada’s most demanded visa pathway. The reasons for the same are multiple. However, with a high volume of applications, there is a higher chance of applicants making mistakes that shall result in visa rejection. This blog post uncovers the 9 reasons why Canada will reject your visitor visa application.

To begin with, it is important to understand what a visitor visa is. A visitor visa allows foreign nationals to enter Canada for:

  • Visiting friends, family members etc.
  • Study for 6 months.
  • Conduct business activities.
    • Without directly engaging with the Canadian labour market.
  • Search and apply for a Canada job.
  • Convert Canada visitor visa to work permit.


The reasons why Canada rejects visitor visa applications are many. However, there are:

9 prominent reasons for visitor visa rejection that stand out the most

1. Incomplete/Incorrect documents

Applicants often take a visitor visa lightly. Because it does not have complex document requirements like a PR visa or a business visa. However, when applying for a visitor visa, it is important to make sure you have complete and correct supporting documents for your visa application.

On the 9 reasons why Canada will reject your visitor visa, this reason is the prime reason for rejection.


2. The applicant’s intention is unclear

Another reason for visitor visa rejection is that the applicant’s intention for applying for a visitor visa is unclear. Canada is the 2nd best country in the world. It is legitimate for the Border Security Officers and IRCC to assess your intention to enter Canada.

Often people get their visitor visa rejection letters for the reason, ‘It is unclear whether the applicant will leave Canada when their visa expires.’ If you do not clear your purpose of entering Canada on a visitor visa, then your visa is bound to be rejected. This is another mistake that applicants make and end up getting rejected by IRCC.

For this purpose, CICC licensed immigration consultants advise applicants to make a clear itinerary. So, the visa officer can get a clear idea of when the proposed visa holder will leave Canada.


3. Lack of ties/connection with the home country

Another top reason on the 9 reasons why Canada will reject your visitor visa application is the lack of ties with your home country. An IRCC officer of BSO will check if you have a strong reason to return home or not.

Besides, a Canada visitor visa is valid up to:

  • Single Entry: Allows applicants to enter Canada once. And is typically valid for up to 6 months.
  • Multiple Entry: As the name suggests, the applicant can enter and exit Canada multiple times. And the validity ranges up to 10 years.


Thus, IRCC/BSO needs to check whether you have a reason to tie you back home or not. To prove your connection with your home country you can:

  • Firstly, submit proof of family members back in the home country.
  • Secondly, proof of ownership of properties.
  • Also, share proof of employment via employment letters, pay stubs, increment letters etc.


4. No legal status in the home country

Among the 9 reasons why Canada will refuse your visitor visa, having no legal status in the home country is not an uncommon reason. This is why immigration experts advise applicants to submit ample proof of having legal residence in their home country. 

This way applicants can convince IRCC of their legal status in their home country. 


5. Forgery/Misrepresentation

With the rapid outburst of demand for studying, working, settling, visiting, travelling, and doing business abroad the need for immigration consultants has multiplied 10 times.

However, we find many unlicensed consultants/agents who offer illegal services at lucrative prices which tempt an applicant to misrepresent. Be it fake funds in accounts, income tax reports, medical and criminal reports, or personal records, the list and the depth of forgery and misrepresentation that these fake agents do and promote are endless.

But what is this misrepresentation? Misrepresentation is wilfully omitting information in the visa application. Applicants under the influence of their overseas desires end up using fake documents to get visa approval.

However, on the 9 reasons why Canada will reject your visitor visa application, this reason is illegal and punishable by law. In extreme cases, you can be banned for 5 years or permanently from applying for a Canada visa.


6. Troublesome past travel history

This refers to applicants who have had issues in the past with their travels. Such as if they overstayed in Canada on their past visit or had earlier visitor visa rejections. When an immigration officer looks at this, they might anticipate that the applicant will repeat this behaviour.

As a result, it is advisable to be honest and clear while sharing your travel history. In case you do have past history, you must submit proof of corrective measures taken and give as much clarity on the past matter as possible.


7. Past criminal record

9 reasons why Canada will reject your visitor visa application, having a past criminal record will surely affect the visa decision. A police clearance certificate is often given to show that the applicant does not threaten Canada.

But if you have a past criminal record, it is better to clearly state that you have been declared of all charges or have complied with the law accordingly.

To assure IRCC that your past does not affect your current situation you can submit proof of being rehabilitated. 


8. Failure to provide proof of good health

Similar to the above point, health is another safety concern. We all faced 2 pandemics which cleared that the need for medical checks while permitting anyone to enter a country is of utmost importance.

For this reason, you must not attempt to forge your medical reports or hide any information. A detailed medical history and clearance from IRCC-approved healthcare panels are recommended for visa clearance. This requirement is majorly for applicants who wish to apply for a super visa under the visitor visa category.


9. Lack of proof of financial support

There is not a huge funds requirement when it comes to applying for a Canada visitor visa. On the 9 reasons why Canada will reject your visitor visa list, lack of proof of funds can result in visa rejection. 

However, there is no set bracket of how much money an applicant shows as proof of funds. IRCC as per this point, wishes to check if the applicant and or its family members can handle their expenses while in Canada.

So, to do the same, you can show bank statements, assess evaluation reports, employment letters, and any other proof possible.

A Canada visitor visa is the best choice for applicants who wish to enter Canada quickly. However, you can easily avoid all mistakes that shall result in visa rejection.

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