7 reasons to choose to study in Canada on a Study Visa

7 reasons to choose to Study in Canada on a Study Visa

In a world of neck to neck competition, it is the competence that gets one through the daily spars of navigating professional life. And to do that one can only rely on the quality of education. Every year thousands of students flock to Canada to get the best education in the world. And why not? The country houses some of the best renowned educational institutions with state of the art infrastructure, facilities and curriculum.

As a result each year, the country receives a ton of study visa applications for processing. Out of which the selected applicants not only just move to Canada for quality education but also can to open doors to get a Canada PR in future.

What is a Study Visa?

Before we get to the 7 reasons to choose to study in Canada on a Study Visa, you must understand what is a study visa. A study visa allows an international student to fly and study in Canada for the period of the study program applied to.

Why choose Canada?

Canada is a hub for international students who wish to grow themselves successfully at a larger professional scale. And not just that the country offers an education that has high global acceptance and value. As a result, one can reap the maximum benefits out of their degree/diploma/certificate when looking for rewarding and high paying jobs.

Here are 7 reasons to choose to study in Canada on a Study Visa:

Affordable Education

Everyone dreads the task of research when it comes to taking such a heavy decision as where to study? And whilst ongoing research one of the greatest ailments is the cost of qualitative education. And this is one of the primary reasons why Canada is a popular choice for international students.

In comparison to other first world countries, Canada seems more lucrative. Because Canada not just offers top-notch education but also offers it at a fee that does not burn a hole in the receiver’s pocket. In addition, deserving applicants who showcase promising skills can get scholarships and grants to foster academic excellence. Also, international students have an option to work along with their study program.

Age bracket – negligible

It is said that there is no age limit to learning and growing. And Canada follows the same. Because as of now, the applicant’s age is not a factor for refusal of their study visa application. The country welcomes all due to its outward approach to welcoming more than 401,000 people deeming it as the top spot for immigration.

Low IELTS requirement

It is a known fact that to study abroad one has to show that they have a basic language skill level. Similarly, to apply for a study visa the applicant must submit an IELTS report showing its language skill level. However, when it comes to Canada the country offers admission at a low IELTS band requirement.

Thereby, increasing the chance of acceptance of study visa applications.

Globally recognised education

As an international student, one has the best colleges/universities/institutions to study in. Also, one can choose from more than 500,000 study programs Canada has to offer. Each course/program is carefully crafted to guarantee the students success in their chosen careers.

The country has more than 400 + accredited colleges and 100+ accredited universities. Out of which Canada is home to the world’s top 30 universities out of 500.

Earn in Canadian dollars

Education is affordable in Canada but not all pockets have the same size. Thus, the country gives international students an option to work while they study. As a result, one can get an on-campus or off-campus job. And can work up to a maximum of 20 hours a week. Besides, during full time scheduled breaks the students can earn up to $2000 – 4000 per month.

Open, accepting and a safe country

Canada tops the rank for being the safest country in the world. Also, it is known to be the melting pot of cultures with people pouring in from all parts of the world. But Canada offers a non-discriminatory space that celebrates human rights and choices. So, as an international student, you will get equal rights and treatment in comparison to the Canadian residents.

Promising prospects after completing Canadian education

The key benefits of completing a Canadian degree/diploma/certificate are:

  1. Get a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) – 8 months to 3 years (max) (depending on the duration of the study program).
    1. The spouse/common-law partner of a PGWP holder can apply for an open work permit in Canada.
  2. Apply for Canada PR after getting a minimum of 1-year work experience gained while studying.
  3. Apply for Canadian citizenship after residing in Canada for 1095 days as a permanent resident within 5 years.

Study Visa application – Submission to Approval

Once the 7 reasons to choose to study in Canada on a Study Visa have helped you to take a final step, apply in the following manner:

  1. Choose the right University.
  2. Choose the study program that compliments your future goals.
  3. Apply to a Canadian University/College/Institution as per the intake period:
    1. September (Fall session)
    2. January (Winter session)
    3. May (Summer session)
  4. Get a Letter of Approval (LOA).
  5. Prepare and submit an error-free and complete Canada student visa application.
  6. Finally, get a study visa approval.

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