7 Pointers to Keep When Checking Authenticity of a Canadian Job Offer

7 Pointers to Keep When Checking Authenticity of a Canadian Job Offer

Canada is a land of dreams, opportunities, and success. A country that welcomes you with open arms. As if you were always meant to be a part of it. So, why will not anyone dream or desire to go and settle in Canada?

But the question here appears is how? And the answer is as straight as the question itself. To live in Canada you must go through the Canada immigration process to get a temporary or permanent residence visa. However, the essence of the entire process is securing your dream Canada Job Offer. Because it is the anchor that is bound to lead you to financial prosperity.

Everyone is aware of the fact that each year a vast number of people apply or are in search of a high salaried Canada Job. And this is one of the basis on which thousands of people fall for the Canada Job Offer Scam.

And the 7 Pointers to Keep When Checking Authenticity of a Canadian Job Offer is an article that shall help you in detecting and avoiding such scams.

Getting a Canada Job Offer is a milestone in itself. But how to check if the job offer is fake or real?

7 Pointers to Keep When Checking Authenticity of a Canadian Job Offer

1. Unexpected Job Offer

Getting a job offer from Canada can be super exciting. But what if you get a job offer without even trying or applying. So, the question here arises is that the so-called Canadian company is hiring you based on what? They do not know or have assessed your academic and professional skills. But are still willing to extend a very promising Canada job offer.

This should be the first red flag while checking your job offer.

2. Information less or very unclear

You have recently qualified to fill a job position at a Canadian company and have finally received a job offer. Unfortunately, this moment is not the correct moment to celebrate. Because there are a few things that you must check such as:

  •  The company logo must be real and clear.
    • Misprint
    • Wrong image or wording
  • Details of the company
    • Complete name
    • Address
    • Registration details
    • Email Id must be professional. Should not be from Gmail but the company domain.
  • Canada job offer must:
    • Mention your name
    • Job description and duties
    • Duration of employment
    • Hourly wages offered
    • No of working hours
    • Termination clause
    • Resignation clause

While going through your job offer, make sure it has all the details regarding your employment in Canada. Scammers deliberately avoid giving clear information so that they can commit fraud easily. And to keep you in their hold by just talking about the perks that you will get in Canada. When there is no such mention in the job offer letter.

3. Too Good of a Job Offer

Everyone loves to get a job that pays handsomely. But what if you have a job offer that is willing to pay at a bracket that you never dreamed of. The instance and idea seem too good. But it is one of the reasons how scammers tap into the desire and greed of foreign workers. And like any other Canada aspirant, they give in and end up losing their chance at working in Canada.

To avoid this you must first research about the company. Start by writing the ‘company name’ and add words such as fraud/fake/scam. By doing so you will be able to see if the company is real or not. To make your search even better look up the company. Find if their office is registered, what is the strength of the office, and the nature of the business that they do.

4. Request/Forcing to pay to secure a Canada Job

Any HR consultant or company asking you to make a payment to keep your job should be doubted. Because such scammers create an urgency that if you do not apply then the job will not be available. And if you make an upfront payment then you will settle in Canada for sure.

In certain cases, scammers offer cheque payments to lure you in. But the cheque always ends up bouncing. And the scammers can steal your personal information. This helps them to steal money from your bank account or misuse your personal information.

5. Unprofessional use of language – Tone & grammatical errors

A trend that has been observed in identifying scammers is that they will use a very friendly tone with you. Any consultant/recruiter will always use a professional tone and words. So, if someone is being over-friendly then their intentions may not be good for you.

Scammers share job offer letters that will have grammatical errors, use of casual tone, and will focus on unnecessary things. Any recruitment agency/Canadian employer will always share with you a formal and error-free job offer letter. This adds to the list of multiple red flags while checking proof of a valid job offer. 

6. Payment for on the job training

Any consultant/company hiring for a Canada job will never ask you to pay for on the job training. They will assure you that making the payment will prepare you to excel in your new job. But such a promise is just to earn your confidence and get your hard-earned money.

7. No LMIA or employment number

When you get a job offer you must check for your employee number. Because you will need such details while applying for a Canada work permit. Your Canadian employer is also bound to share a copy of the positive LMIA. So, you can apply for a Canada work permit.

Follow the 7 Pointers to Keep When Checking Authenticity of a Canadian Job Offer and avoid such scams. Because getting a Canada job offer and then getting a Canada visa can be a complex task.

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