6000 ITAs issued with CRS score at 368 in latest Express Entry draw

Canada Immigration: 6000 ITAs issued with CRS score at 368 in latest Express Entry draw

In June 10, 2021, draw 6000 ITAs issued with CRS score at 368 in latest Express Entry draw. This is the 2nd time until now that Canada has set such a low CRS score requirement. The lowest CRS score was set at 75 in Feb 13, 2021, CEC draw and selected a total of 27,332 applicants.

The above draw details indicate that Canada is specifically targeting CEC applicants to lower the number of applications in the EE pool. This paves way for faster selection of existing and upcoming applicants who will enter the EE pool. The applicants who qualified in this draw:

  • Applied to the EE system.
  • Applied to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) EE sub-stream.
  • Meet Human Capital Factors such as:
    • Age
    • Education
    • Language Skills
    • Work Experience
  • Finally, have a CRS score of 368.

Besides, the perks of applying to the Express Entry (EE) System are great. As not only it is the most famous Canada Immigration Pathway but also gives quick access to Canada PR. If you have the skills, education, experience, and language skills then Canada will offer you permanent residence in Canada. Once you apply to the EE system your profile enters the CRS pool where it is ranked as per the information you give. Further, Canada holds subsequent draws where they ITAs to applicants who meet or exceed the CRS draw cut off.

Looking back at the past draws, the EE system is the only system that selects applicants in a huge number. With quick application processing, reduced waiting period and fair issuing of invites make Express Entry a must pathway to take for Canada PR.

If you want to get a PR visa for Canada with ease, then apply now. Apply now and settle happily tomorrow.

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