60 days limit to submit PR application back for Express Entry applicants

June 29, 2021: IRCC reintroduces the 60 days limit to submit PR application back for express entry applicants

Canada has rolled back its past covid-19 measure – 60 days limit to submit PR application back for express entry applicants. Earlier, in March 2020, IRCC had relaxed the application submission deadline. As a result, the Express Entry (EE) ITA holders could submit their PR application within 90 days from the date they first get an ITA.

However, IRCC has rolled back that measure to the original deadline of 60 days. So, all qualifying EE applicants will now be submitting a complete Canada PR within the time limit of 60 days. Any delay, beyond this limit, shall result in the cancellation of the ITA.

As per IRCC, this retraction is to help in the faster processing of applications. Because there is a huge inflow of applicants applying for PR in Canada through the Express Entry (EE) System. Whereas the 2021 measure was to relax the deadline of submission so that EE applicants have time to prepare documents to submit to IRCC. Looking at the past challenges the increase in deadline was introduced. But now, Canada has successfully met those challenges as a result, past instructions do not apply. Thus, Canada is back to faster processing of applications therefore such a step of reintroduction of the original deadline is placed.

But, if you have an ITA before June 29, 2021, then the current deadline does not apply to you. And you can apply at your ease. 

But this measure assures that Canada will continue to select a higher number of applicants. Also, the CRS score will keep going lower with each upcoming draw.

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