6 reasons why you need licensed immigration consultant for Canada visa approval

6 reasons why you need licensed immigration consultant for Canada visa approval

Everyone is immigrating to top countries such as Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Canada’s popularity as a top destination to study, work, and settle remains unparalleled. You must also be looking or hearing of your friends, and close family members moving abroad, and the thought of having the same must have crossed your mind. Here are 6 reasons why you need a licensed immigration consultant for Canada visa approval.

Because we were hoping you could move to Canada successfully and with no fear. The immigration industry is complex, there is a lot of paperwork, and there are deadlines to meet, and you have to wait for visa approval; all that is correct. But the main trouble is not all of this. Because if you consult the right source, all such things will be handled efficiently. It is the unlicensed ghost consultants who ruin the name of the immigration industry.

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Troubles of not hiring licensed immigration consultant for Canada

Case 1

Did you know earlier this year 700 people were going to get deported by Canada? Because the people who dropped in as international students were admitted on fake Letters of Acceptance (LOAs) by Mr Brijesh Mishra (fake consultant in Jalandhar, Punjab). But the discovery was made when post getting work experience on a post-study work visa (PGWP) they were applying for Canada PR. 

So, imagine all that hard work and thousands of dollars gone to waste all because of trusting a ghost consultant. Now you are facing legal prosecution because of something you never did or were aware of in the first place.


Case 2

The latest case is from Ahmedabad, Gujrat, where two men lost 48 lakhs (CAD $66,205) at the hands of 2 fraud agents. The applicants wanted a Canada Work Permit but all they got was the loss of huge money, time and trauma that shall last forever. All because they trusted an unlicensed agent/ghost consultant.

Everyone dreams of being successful and settled. And offering their loved ones and the upcoming generation a solid financial base to lean on. But do you think trusting such fake people will lead you anywhere? This is why you need a licensed immigration consultant for a Canada visa.


6 reasons why you need to hire a licensed immigration for Canada visa approval

1. Authorised by the government of Canada licensing body CICC

College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants is a licensing body of the government of Canada. It gives CICC license to immigration consultants who complete their study program, and examination and each year prove that they have the knowledge and practise to continue to hold the license.

So, any CICC licensed immigration consultant who goes through such rigorous learning, practise, and effort to keep the license would not indulge in fraud or scam. This is why you must consult them for all your overseas study, work, and settlement needs.


2. Masters of their area of expertise

Licensed immigration consultants have a magnum opus of knowledge regarding the immigration industry. Moreover, they are in direct touch with the Canadian government and authorities, so they are up to date with all immigration policies and changes. They are the sources that can better navigate the complex Canadian immigration system.

Besides, it is their prime duty to make sure you get all the necessary information. This is before you sign up for their paid visa and job assistance. As a result, you get complete information right from the people who are a strong part of the industry. Also, the Canadian government licenses and trusts them with the very integrity of the immigration industry.


3. All things legal and transparent

All immigration consultants are bound by the federal law. CICC is the government body that licenses, regulates, and punishes any wrong acts of consultants. So, no consultant ever dares do such a thing. Because they face a ban, license revocation, a fine of 1 million dollars and in severe cases jail time as well.

As a result, a consultant will give you transparent information. Also, you will sign a legal contract enlisting the services the licensed immigration consultants assure to offer. So, the chances of getting cheated on are nil.


4. Licensed immigration services investment not expense

“People often say google it, apply on your own or the other consultant is charging less”. But what happens eventually, is that ‘Google information results in visa rejection’. Do you know why? Because according to Google a simple headache can be a cause of cancer. So, you can imagine the vastness of information and your ability to find right from wrong amongst millions of websites. 

As for the lower fee or the ever so famous, ‘Visa First, Payment Later’; you realise the visa is not coming but for each stage of the visa process they show you inflated bills. So, technically you are paying them high money for doing nothing for you.

On the contrary, if you hire a licensed immigration consultant, you get what you are promised. Remember visa approval or rejection rests with IRCC. No consultant or lawyer can influence IRCC’s decision on the same. These consultants offer you the visa pathway that suits your needs. And will result in higher chances of visa approval.

So, at the end of the day, you are investing in your visa success with no scope of legal issues or fraud.


5. Custom Immigration Plan for future abroad

Immigration consultants do not just bring you closer the visa approval. They are the ones who live in Canada and need to maintain a head office. So, before you, they are the ones living the Canadian life. On top, they have the legal knowledge and license that validates it all.

As a result, they are the best for you to guide you on studying, working, Visiting, Traveling, doing Business and or Settling in Canada. You will get a valuable blueprint for moving and thriving in Canada. Did you know that a consultant’s relationship does not close with first visa approval? the relationship expands to helping you get a job, settle in Canada, lead you to PR, get your family members to Canada, and finally citizenship.

Thus, the road is long, and the licensed immigration consultant is the guide you need for your brighter future. 


6. Raise visa approval chances

Yes, it is true! Licensed immigration consultants for Canada will help you:

  • Arrange all documents.
  • Fill out all forms accurately.
  • Help in translating documents (if applicable).
  • Advise on language exams (which is better for your case).
  • Meet documentation and visa deadlines for you.
  • Represent your case and your family members (as applicable) to Canadian authorities.
  • Offer pre and post-landing services.
  • Help you settle completely in Canada with or without your family.
  • Offer future assistance for immigration needs – PGWP, PR, WP, and or Citizenship.


As they offer all this and are licensed, they will choose the Canada Visa Pathway that is the best for you. So, automatically you have a higher chance of visa approval. In addition, while visa file submission, the licensed immigration consultant’s information is also submitted. This shows that your case file is carefully curated by the right and licensed person. As a result, your chance of visa approval goes up.


Global Vision Immigration - Best Immigration Consultant in Canada and India


Global Vision Immigration – Best CICC Licensed Immigration Firm in Canada and India

Global Vision Immigration has been helping countless people move overseas since 2006! Be it Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA or Europe, our global presence and licensed expertise and services are what everyone seeks. 

After reading the article you must be thinking of applying for a Canada visa under an immigration consultant. At GVI, we assure we do not have a third-party license or represent some consultant in Canada. We are a Canadian firm which is owned by a CICC Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant. Thus, we are equipped and set to help you make your Canada dream come true.

Start by taking our Free Assessment to quickly check your eligibility for a Canada Visa. You can also Contact Us for a Free 1 on 1 Consultation with one of our immigration experts. Apply now, Apply with GVI! 

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