53 NOIs issued to healthcare professionals in Alberta PNP draw

53 NOIs issued to healthcare professionals in Alberta PNP draw

Alberta on April 05, 2023, conducted its latest Alberta PNP draw. Where it issued 53 NOIs to healthcare professionals. Now these applicants who have a Notification of Interest (NOI) can further apply to AAIP for a provincial nomination.


The complete details of the draw are as the following:

  • Firstly, 53 applicants have an NOI.
  • Secondly, applicants from the healthcare sector have been considered for this draw.
  • Also, applicants had a job offer from Alberta.
  • Besides, to qualify in the current draw the applicants had a CRS score of between 300 – 600.
  • But the applicant with the lowest CRS score getting an NOI is 351.


However, the current draw is the 6th AAIP draw in 2o23. And we do see a rise of 100 points in the CRS score range. As prior to the current draw, the CRS score range was steady at 300 – 500.


In comparison to the last Mar 30, 2023, AAIP draw, we can see changes such as:

  • The NOIs are lower by 97 points.
  • The CRS score range is up by 100 points.


But prior to the current draw applicants who have an NOI in the past five AAIP draws met the following terms:

  • Family connection in Alberta
  • The applicant’s job profile is in demand in Alberta.
  • And applicants have a CRS score between 300 – 500.

Thus, we can see a slight change in the selection of applicants in the latest April 05, 2023, AAIP draw.


Will Alberta continue to select healthcare professionals in Alberta PNP draws?

As of now, Alberta has issued a total of 637 NOIs.  And looking at the draw patterns leading up to the current draw, we should expect a slow rise in the draw figures. Also, Alberta can be seen focusing on targeting different occupations as per its labour market and economic needs. So, it should not be surprising for it to target other in-demand occupations in the upcoming AAIP draw.

But to make a claim that after issuing 53 NOIs to healthcare professionals Alberta PNP draws will continue the same will be difficult. As Canada has a growing demand for foreign skilled workers at an alarming rate. Thus, it is continuing to do whatever it can to attract and retain them.

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