3rd consecutive Express Entry draw invites 3600 Healthcare Applicants

3rd consecutive Express Entry draw invites 3600 Healthcare Applicants

Oct 26, 2023: 3rd consecutive Express Entry draw invites 3600 healthcare applicants. These applicants have an invitation to apply for Canada PR under the Express Entry category-based draws. The details of the same are the following:

  • Firstly, 3600 healthcare applicants have an ITA.
    • This is the highest number of invitations issued under this category.
  • Secondly, the CRS cut-off is 431.
    • Once again this is the lowest cut-off set by IRCC for this category.
  • Besides, the tie-breaking rule is May 24, 2023, at 19:47:51 UTC.

Moreover, in 3rd consecutive EE draw selection of 3600 healthcare applicants is great news for PR aspirants. Because with a higher selection and lowest CRS cut-off, more applicants will get a chance to settle in Canada.

We can see the immediate rise in ITAs and fall in the cut-off from the following data:


In addition, Canada is in great need of healthcare workers. So, if you match Canada’s needs then your chances of getting a PR visa are higher. To know how many healthcare applicants will get ITAs under Express Entry Click Here!

3600 Healthcare Applicants get ITAs in 3rd consecutive Express Entry draw. Canada has the EE category draws to issue ITAs to applicants whose job profiles, work experience, and skills are in high demand. Rather than just focusing on the CRS cut-off. Now, be it the 3rd consecutive Express Entry draw or other future draw; this opens many roadways for people to make their Canada draw come true.

Because having 6 EE draw categories to get ITA from makes higher chances of selection. Such chances are good for Canada. Because it must meet its 2023 Immigration Levels Target of giving Canada PR to 465,000 people. As a result, if you are keen on revamping your life towards success then apply now.

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