367 invites in latest MPNP EOI draw

Manitoba April 26, 2021, draw update: 367 invites in latest MPNP EOI draw.

Manitoba: 367 invites in latest MPNP EOI draw on April 26, 2021. The applicants have been selected from its 3 sub-streams:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM)

  • Number of LAAs issued: 301
  • CRS score requirement: 440

International Education Stream (IES)

  • Number of LAAs issued: 55

Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO)

  • Number of LAAs issued: 11 under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative of MPNP
  • CRS score requirement: 721

Overall, out of 367 invites, 34 have been issued to applicants from the Express Entry (EE) System
. However, they were eligible for this only if they have:

  • A valid Express Entry profile.
  • Job Seeker Validation Code

Besides, in comparison to the last April 19, 2021 MPNP draw, the current draw targeted all 3 sub-streams of MPNP. However, the current draw also selected 32 less applicants. But that does not pose an issue or the upcoming draws. As looking at the past history of the draws for 2021, we can only expect good returns. In short, if you apply now, you will get a quick and easy Canada visa.

The testament to the same can be seen from the immigration draws all over Canada. Canada is growing with the power of the immigrants it is choosing to grow the economy. As a result, we are seeing a rise in issuing of ITAs and a fall in the CRS score.

A recap at the Immigration Levels Targets which shows that Canada is selecting up to 401,000 applicants this year. And what great news than this can be for you. If you are applying for Canada visa, choose the help of an immigration expert. Because an CICC licensed immigration lawyer can help you submit flawless visa application. So, let the expert do it for you.

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