3 Ukrainian Applicants Qualify in New Special SINP Draw

Mar 08, 2022: 3 Ukrainian Applicants Qualify in New Special SINP Draw

Saskatchewan shares details of the 2nd SINP PNP draw targeting applicants from Ukraine. And 3 applicants qualify for the new special draw.

Also, the applicants have been selected under the Express Entry and Occupations in-demand sub-stream.

Earlier, on Mar 04, 2022, the SINP draw issued a total number of 36 ITAs to applicants from Ukraine. So, looking at the current draw we can see a major fall in the selection of applicants.

However, we must remember that Saskatchewan continues to hold its periodic regular draws. So, if you too wish to apply for SINP nomination for Canada PR then you must apply now.

The new draws that we see are special draws conducted by the province. This is in alignment with the IRCC updates to support Ukraine during the ongoing war with Russia. The reason for doing so is because of the long and strong association between the two countries. 

And Canada’s continuous support to Ukraine since 2014 is a testament to the same. The country has been offering both financial aid and advice in the growth of various sectors of Ukraine. And continues to do the same now. Canada now selecting Ukrainians fleeing war immediately. As a result, they will get quick and easy processing of their Canada visa. Whether it is for them, or their family members in Ukraine or any other place in the world.

Canada-Ukraine alliance – Special measures for immigration support

Such an effort is an ongoing effort of Canada to restore Ukraine to its former glory. A war between two nations affects not just the participants but also the people who suffer at the hands of it. Canada understands the same, as a result, it vows to offer protection to people on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

A visa category curated specially for applicants in need of protection. And the ongoing special draws are a fine example of the same.

In addition, all provinces are in league with new IRCC updates for Ukraine. And are holding special draws to give nominations for a Canada visa.

In short, it is wise to say that Canada is one country you must look forward to moving to. Because the country is famous for its easy immigration pathways, faster processing times and multiple benefits that come with a visa holder.

3 Ukrainian Applicants Qualify in New Special SINP draw
. And both the province and IRCC will select more.

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