29 Ukrainians get LAAs in Latest Special MPNP draw

29 Ukrainians get LAAs in Latest Special MPNP draw

May 25, 2023: 29 Ukrainians get LAAs in Latest Special MPNP draw. Also, the current draw is the 14th MPNP Special Immigration Measure Ukraine draw. And to qualify the applicants needed to meet the following terms:

  • Firstly, be a citizen of Ukraine.
  • Secondly, have a minimum language skill level of CLB 4 (English/French).
    • Besides, your language test results must be valid.
    • Thus, it can not be more than 2 years old at the time of applying to MPNP.
  • Also, have a connection from Manitoba. Such as family-like, relatives, community, and a past connection to the province via studying or work).
  • Besides, must have a minimum of 60 points on the MPNP assessment criteria.
  • Moreover, meet other requirements of the MPNP Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) category.
    • And this also includes meeting the minimum funds’ requirement.


29 Ukrainians get LAAs in Latest Special MPNP draw on May 25, 2023. But such a special measure from Manitoba comes in line with IRCC and the Manitoba government’s goals to support Ukraine. The Ukrainians are facing the fatal blow of the ongoing war with Russia. Thus, to help the war-stricken country Canada has been introducing special measures to help its citizens to flee the country.

By doing so, Canada will help them safely settle in Canada. And lead a life of peace, and harmony without worrying about jeopardising their future growth. In addition, the oncoming of skilled workers from Ukraine will add to the labour market force which in turn help fill vacant job positions and grow the economy.

So, if you are from Ukraine or a Canada aspirant supporting humanitarian motives then apply now to immigrate to Canada. Start by taking our Free Assessment. Contact Us to know your permanent residency options in Canada.

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