219 applicants qualify in new BC PNP General draw

219 applicants qualify in new BC PNP General draw

Jan 23, 2024: British Columbia holds another General and targeted draw. We see 219 applicants qualify in new BC PNP General draw. The details of the same are as follows:

  • Firstly, 79 applicants have a PNP invitation.
  • Secondly, the EOI score for BC PNP categories are:
    • Skilled Worker (SW) & SW EEBC – 120
    • International Graduate (I.G) & IG EEBC – 120
    • Entry Level & Semi-Skilled – 98.


In addition, the details of the BC PNP targeted profiles are:

  • Childcare: 66 invites.
  • Healthcare: 36 invites.
  • Veterinary: Fewer than 5 invites.
    • For the above there targeted profile, the EOI score is 60.
  • Construction: 34 invites with an EOI score of 75.


In comparison to the first BC PNP draw of 2024 held on Jan 10, 2024, we see the following draw updates:

  • Firstly, 21 fewer applicants have a PNP invitation.
  • Secondly, there is barely any change in the EOI score except for:
    • Entry Level & Semi-Skilled category – We see a 2-point fall in the EOI score.

All in all, it will be interesting to see how the future draws unfold. As sharing updates based on just 3 BC PNP draws now, will be a vague judgement.


However, the prospects for applicants who wish to move to BC with a provincial nomination are still bright. Because BC is facing a higher labour market shortage in comparison to other provinces. With a continued focus on targeted categories, applicants from such profiles should apply for PNP nomination followed by a permanent residency visa.


BC’s continued strong focus on targeted categories to meet high job vacancies in 2024

BC has a long history of selecting applicants via the PNP pathway. However, its precision whilst selecting foreign skilled workers is also commendable. 219 applicants qualify in the new General BC PNP draw. And more shall follow in the upcoming draws. If you have the right skills that BC needs to grow its province then you will get an invitation to apply for provincial nomination.

Besides, applicants who apply via the EEBC category have higher PR visa approval chances. This is because EEBC is an enhanced PNP category. This means it is linked to Canada’s Express Entry (EE) System.

So, you get a PNP nomination and get a higher chance of getting an ITA for a Canada PR visa in EE draws. However, as an applicant, you must be aware of the in-demand skills that the province is looking for. Such sensitive and internal information is readily available with a licensed Immigration Consultant.


At GVI we help applicants settle in Canada with ease. As GVI is owned by a CICC Licensed Immigration Consultant. Thereby removing any role of fake agents or unlicensed third parties. In short, begin your Canada Immigration journey the safe and legal way.

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