217 point drop in LAAs in latest MPNP draw

MPNP latest draw: 217 point drop in LAAs in latest MPNP drop.

On May 06, 2021, the MPNP draw issued 150 LAAs but there is a 217 point drop in LAAs in latest MPNP draw. Also, out of 150 LAAs, 14 were issued to applicants who had an active Express Entry (EE) profile and had a valid Job Seeker Validation Code. 

The applicants have been selected from the following MPNP sub-streams:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM)

  • Number of LAAs issued: 108
  • CRS score requirement: 400

International Education Stream (IES)

  • Number of LAAs issued: 13

Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO)

  • Number of LAAs issued: 29
  • CRS score requirement: 703

In comparison to the past draw, the following is the observation on the same:

SWM – 193 fewer LAAs issued, and CRS is low by 40 points.

IES – 42 fewer LAAs issued.

SWO – 4 more applicants selected, and CRS is low by 18 points.

If you received a Letter of Advice to Apply (LLA) in this draw, then it means you have:

  • Submitted an EOI to MPNP.
  • Applied to 1 of the MPNP streams such as:
    • SWM
    • IES
    • SWO
  • Also, meet the terms of the stream you have applied to.
  • Finally, have a qualifying CRS score.

217 point drop in LAAs in latest MPNP draw. The slope to increase more in the next draw.

Manitoba update: 217 point drop in LAAs in latest MPNP draw. So, we can say that the current MPNP has slightly low figures. And looking at the past draws we are seeing a rise and fall in the draw figures. If we speculate on the same, then we can expect both CRS and LAAs to dip further in the next draw. This speculation must not worry anyone who wants to live, settle, study, and or work in Canada. Because we all know that the draw figures do not follow a particular predictable pattern. It is solely as per the discretion of IRCC. The CRS score they set and the number of people they invite to apply for permanent residence in Canada. As a result, anyone who applies for Canada PR as per the strength of their application has a fair shot at it.

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