21 Entrepreneurs invited in New BC PNP April and May 2024 draws

21 Entrepreneurs invited in New BC PNP April and May 2024 draws

British Columbia holds Entrepreneur immigration draws. Up to 21 Entrepreneurs invited in New BC PNP April and May 2024 draws. The good news is we see a positive fall in the EOI scores. Thereby, giving a positive hint at raising chances of selection of entrepreneurs in draws ahead.

So, the complete details of the new BC PNP April and May 2024 draws are:

14-May-24 16-Apr-24
Category NOIs issued EOI score Category NOIs issued EOI score
Regional Pilot <5 113 Regional Pilot <5 119
Base 5 116 Base 6 118


Besides, looking at the above draw details we can see a positive outlook. This is because:

  • There is a positive drop in the EOI scores in May 14, 2024, BC PNP draw:
    • Regional Pilot – 6 points fall in EOI score.
    • Base – 2-point fall in EOI score.


Moreover, this is great news for entrepreneurs who wish to move to British Columbia. By securing a PNP nomination, the current 21 entrepreneurs invited can settle in Canada quickly.

The BC under the BC PNP program, selects skilled/semi-skilled workers, students, and businesspersons. The BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration category helps the province select talented and innovative entrepreneurs to move to BC.

Thus, 21 entrepreneurs invited in April and May 2024, BC can benefit from their permanent residencies. Because these entrepreneurs will set up or buy their business in BC. This will generate job opportunities for Canada PR holders and citizens in BC.

However, the current draw scenario is not just exclusive to BC. But provinces and territories participating in the PNP program, have business immigration streams.

So, as an entrepreneur, you too can move to Canada via a PNP nomination. To do the same, connect with visa experts at GVI. In short, take our Free Assessment or Contact Us to learn more.

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