2023 Canada Updates Study Visa Rules

2023 Canada Updates Study Visa Rules

In 2023, Canada is expecting 900,000 international students. This is possible because Canada is the top choice for international students to learn, earn and succeed in their careers. But recently Canada has been facing a major challenge. Multiple cases are now out of ghost agents cheating, urging to commit fraud to international students. This includes misrepresenting them with fake Letters of Acceptance (LOA) and other documents, scamming money, and much more. Because of the same Honourable Marc Miller (Immigration minister), yesterday shared – the 2023 Canada Updates Study Visa Rules.


Key highlights

  • DLIs to verify each LOAs with IRCC from Dec 01, 2023.
  • Establishment of Recognised Institution Framework by Sep/Oct 2024.
  • Revamping PGWP strategies to better match labour market and economic needs. 
    • This also includes francophone immigration and its needs.


Prioritizing the safety of international students with strict study visa rules

In 2022, 551,405 study visa applicants from 184 countries held study visas. By the end of 2022, this number peaked at 807,750. With the following top 10 countries contributing the most to the inflow of international students in Canada:

  1. 226,450 students – India
  2. 52,165 students – China
  3. 23,380 students – Philippines
  4. 16,725 students – France
  5. 16,195 students – Nigeria
  6. 13,525 students – Iran
  7. 11,535 students – Republic of Korea
  8. 10,955 students – Japan
  9. 10,405 students – Mexico
  10. 10,405 students – Brazil


As a result, Canada needs to take all measures to ensure the safety of international students from fraud. Because losing such a pool of applicants will also greatly hit the revenue generated via them. And not to mention the loss of a prospective skilled workforce.


New Scheme to verify Letters of Approval (LOAs) issued by DLIs

Marc Miller shared that Canada is sharing a new scheme under which LOAs issued by DLIs (recognised universities, colleges, and institutions) will be verified by IRCC. By doing so, Canada will be able to assess and target fake LOAs.

So, unlike the earlier 700 international students being scammed in fake LOAs. Moreover, these students entered Canada in 2018 and 2019. However, when they applied for a Canada PR visa it was discovered that 700 international students’ LOAs were fake. 

It was then discovered that an unlicensed fake agent scammed these 700 students. As a result, Canada initially was deporting them. However, upon investigation, the students came to be the victims of a large-scale Canadian study visa scam.


Moreover, when IRCC launched an investigation into such cases, it was discovered that these cases date back to 2017. And 60% of international students were scammed by fake/unlicensed agents/consultants. And these students had paid a huge amount of money to study in Canada.

This is the reason that now IRCC will verify the LOAs of all Study Visa Applicants to avoid any such scams, frauds, and misrepresentation. Moving forward post Dec 01, 2023, all DLIs will confirm the LOAs of applicants with IRCC. Besides, the immigration minister also hints at offering priority processing of study visa applications. This is for DLIs who have high service standards, and compliance with all IRCC norms for visa and global education parameters.  


2023 Canada updates: Setting up “Recognised Institution Framework by Sep/Oct 2024”

Another important 2023 update in study visa rules is Canada’s commitment to establishing the Recognised Institution Framework by Sep/Oct 2024. This is to make sure all Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) be it universities, colleges, and educational institutions that have provincial and territorial recognition and approval, follow a set-up protocol.

This is to make sure such institutions can rightfully welcome international students. And meet the higher standard that will be in complete action by the fall of 2024. The idea of such strictness also benefits these DLIs. As shared earlier, DLIs with higher standards will be able to claim faster visa processing for international students who have an LOA from their educational establishment.

In addition, IRCC will soon be expanding the details of the same. Because for the moment we have a summary of the goal of the new framework to come.


Canada PGWP Review and potential updates

While addressing the press Marc Miller also shared that it has been 10 years since the PGWP was reviewed or updated. Besides, anyone who applies for a study visa to Canada understands that post-study they can apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

The aim is to connect with IRCC and the federal government’s common goal of meeting labour market needs, keeping in mind key economic sectors and francophone immigration.


2023 Canada Updates Study Visa Rules: Stay Updated, Apply Right with GVI!

Study visa rules are out and Canada is all set to protect international students from scammers, fraudsters, and unlicensed consultants. These are people who for financial gains can ruin your entire life. They help you get into Canada with fake letters, you will study and work, but you never know when IRCC will catch you. But in such a case, your study and work experience become illegal. You will face deportation, ban, or jail for fraud.

So, why take such risky routes? Just so you could live your life with uncertainty and fear. Always learn to identify the fake from facts, the truth from lies and licensed from unlicensed.


At Global Vision Immigration (GVI), we are:

  • Canadian company with HQ in Ontario – Brampton City. 
    • Branch offices in India – New Delhi (Nehru Place), Punjab (Chandigarh) and West Bengal (Siliguri).
  • We have a CICC licence – The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) [Canadian government body] licenses GVI to offer legal immigration services.
  • GVI is owned by a CICC licensed immigration Consultant – No third-party tie-ups, no B-2-B deals, no agent work… We own and legally run GVI with authorisation from the Canadian (IRCC/CICC) and Indian governments (Ministry of External Affairs).
  • Besides, we are not a new firm – But a company that has been successfully helping people settle abroad since 2006!!


In short, we are equipped, licensed, and updated to help you meet all your overseas dreams. Be it to study, work, and or settle, we will offer you step-by-step guidance on the same.

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