2022 Federal Budget Impact On Canada Immigration System

2022 Federal Budget Impact on Canada Immigration System

Chrystia Freeland (Minister of Finance Canada) recently shared Canada’s 2022 budget. This article explores the new budget’s impact on Canada’s immigration system. Also, this budget introduction is happening after the Sep 2021 elections. And is the most important highlight of the moment now.

Canada’s budget outlines the monetary figures that the country is going to spend and will get the revenue from the same. In addition, it shares new policies and highlights the overall state of the country’s economic health.

Allocation of funds towards the immigration system in 2022

In the 2022 budget, we can see the country is focusing on multiple priority tasks for immigration purposes. The following is a glance at the 2022 federal budget impact on Canada Immigration System:

Express Entry System

The government is planning to make changes to the Immigration and Refugee of Protection Act (IRPA). The change will allow the immigration minister to get additional powers to best select foreign skilled workers. And meet the country’s labour market and economic needs.

However, the government has not shared such proposed changes in detail.

Upgrading funding to support the admission of 437,500 applicants in Canada

The 2022 budget is in direct alignment with supporting the Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024. As per this plan, Canada is all set to select a total of 431,645 applicants in 2022. Whereas 447,055 applicants will be selected in 2023. And finally, 451,000 applicants in 2024.

But we must keep in mind the record-breaking performance of Canada in terms of breaking its targets. Because we saw Canada accepting 401,000 Canada visa applications in 2021.

As a result, to maintain its successful streak, Canada is investing a total of $2.1 billion dollars over a period of 5 years. Also, it will add $317.6 million dollars to facilitate the current ongoing immigration process.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program to see the introduction of the Trusted Employer Model

The Canadian government is facing issues with its application processing system. As a result, the country has been facing a huge application backlog. And to address this need, the country is looking forward to cutting red tape for the TFWP. This refers to the complexity, longer processing timing and overall redundancy Canadian employers are facing in getting foreign workers.

Further, this is also one of the reasons why Canada is facing such a huge crisis in getting foreign workers. And the country’s job vacancy in 2022 stands at 874,700. Read more here!

To foster faster and smooth processing of all visa applications the new budget introduces an investment of 29.3 million dollars over a period of 3 years. This will result in the creation of the Trusted Employer Model.

Not only this the country is planning to invest an extra 48.2 million dollars. This is for making a new streamlined pathway through TFWP for employers looking to get skilled talent in the agricultural and fish processing industry.

In addition, to the above, an investment of 64.6 million for the next 3 years is to be made. Because Canada wants to raise its capacity for processing employer applications. So, that it can meet the set standard patterns.

Upgradation of services and the overall system

Moving forward we should be all set to see new technology be introduced into the immigration system. This need comes from the constant plea of Canadian employers and immigration aspirants to clear the application backlog. And, to find a way that will help in the quick and easy processing of all Canada visa applications.

Therefore, Canada is investing 187.3 million dollars in the upcoming 5 years. But immediately it is investing 37.2 million in the ongoing Canadian immigration process. So, that the benefit of new tools and technology can be reaped as soon as possible.

A positive outlook on the 2022 Federal budget impact on Canada immigration System

If you are a Canada immigration aspirant what is the 1 thing you will expect? Like any other applicant, you would want to move to Canada as soon as possible. So, keeping in mind the same aim we can have a positive outlook on the 2022 Federal budget impact on Canada immigration System.

Do you know why Canada is taking such steps to help you move faster to Canada? The reason such steps are there is that Canada has a huge labour shortage right now. This is with due thanks to the past pandemic and travel restrictions. But still, Canada manages to break its immigration level target in 2021. With a figure of accepting 401,000 visa applications.

So, if you have the right skills for the right job then you will get your Canada visa approval. But what to do when the immigration system seems is a bit slow. No doubt, immigration draws are happening. And people are getting their visas. But the whole idea is to help in mass selection/approval of visa applications.

Because, if the delay is longer there will be a negative effect of the 2022 Federal budget impact on Canada immigration System. 

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