2022 CHEFS in huge demand for Canada Immigration

2022 CHEFS in huge demand for Canada Immigration

Canada is facing a crisis for skilled workers – 2022 CHEFS in huge demand for Canada immigration. The country has been facing a labour shortage as an after effect of the pandemic. As a result, Canada not only has increased its immigrant intake but is now targeting profiles that have a very high demand.

Canada is a melting pot of cultures. People from all over the globe co-exist in the country. And add different flavours, cultures, cuisines and art. So, to incorporate the same in the ever-expanding cultural diversity paradigm Canada is on the lookout for such skilled workers. It is a well-thought notion that food brings people together. Looking at the demography of Canada and an increase in demand for Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian and Mexican cuisine one can vouch for the same.

Chefs top the list of occupations in-demand in 2022. This profile is bagging some of the highest pay scales in comparison to other profiles. If your culinary skills are impeccable then you are bound to settle in Canada. And why not? the country offers you a myriad of options to choose from.

According to a recent Job Bank Canada survey, the following is the demand level for Chefs in Canada:

  • Nova Scotia – Good | $12.95 – 26.73 hourly wage
  • Ontario – Good | $15.00 – 25.00 hourly wage
  • Prince Edward Island – Good | $13.00 – 26.41 hourly wage
  • Alberta -Fair | $15.00 – 28.85 hourly wage
  • British Columbia – Fair | $15.20 – 30.00 hourly wage
  • Manitoba – Fair | $11.95 – 25.00 hourly wage
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – Fair | $13.00 – 26.44 hourly wage
  • Saskatchewan – Fair | $13.00 – 30.01 hourly wage
  • Yukon – Fair | $16.50 – 30.00 hourly wage
  • Quebec – Fair | $ 13.50 – 31.01  hourly wage
  • Northwest Territories – Low | Undisclosed
  • Nunavut – Undisclosed | Undisclosed

So, looking at the above prospects if you qualify as a Chef then you must apply for a Canada Visa.

Apply for a Canada Visa – 2022 CHEFS in huge demand for Canada Immigration

Reasons to Apply for Canada Immigration process as a Chef

  • Job vacancies to increases by 50,000 – 55,000 by 2025.
  • Chefs/Cooks in great demand. And Canada is offering a lucrative pay scale.
  • Earn in dollars.
  • Higher growth opportunities.
  • Canada is focusing on hiring skilled Chefs/Cooks on a large scale.
  • Free healthcare services.

Canada: Immigration pathways for Chefs

Work Permit or Work Visa

A Canadian work permit or work visa is a temporary visa. And allows Chefs to work and live in Canada temporarily. To apply for a work permit as a Chef in Canada you must meet the eligibility terms for the Work Permit category you are applying to. To know more click here. In addition, your profile must match the following terms:

  • Firstly, have a minimum of 3 years of work experience.
  • Secondly, have a minimum education level of secondary school and a diploma in the same profile.
  • Also, the age bar must be below 40.
  • Have an LMIA approved job offer from a Canadian employer.
  • Besides, you must be proficient in the English language.
    • Have a minimum of 4.5 IELTS band.

Express Entry (EE) System

The EE system is Canada’s most famous immigration pathway. It manages applications from the following EE sub-streams:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Under this system, your profile gets a rank as per the Comprehensive Ranking System. Canada holds periodic immigration draws for each EE sub-streams. And invites applicants who meet the qualifying CRS score set in the draw. Besides, after getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC, you will have 60 days to submit a complete and error-free Canada permanent resident application.

IRCC will then process your application and if found satisfactory will issue a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR).

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Canada to ensure that all provinces benefit from immigration introduced the PNP system. This was to make sure that no province faces a labour shortage due to constant change in the labour market. As a result, participating provinces and territories can nominate qualifying applicants.

In addition, some provinces are also linked to the EE System. So, if you have an active EE profile, you can apply to any province for provincial nomination. After you get a nomination you will get an extra 600 CRS score in the EE pool. As a result, your chances of getting an ITA to submit a complete Canada PR application increase.

Chefs top the in-demand jobs list. Apply now and settle in Canada soon.

2022 Chefs in huge demand for Canada immigration due to a rise in job vacancies. So, if you match the terms to work in Canada as a chef then you must apply now. Because Canada is all geared up to select Chefs to fill its empty job positions. In addition, it will help the country grow economically and maintain its diverse and rich culture.

In short, apply for a Canada Visa the right way! With the help of a CICC licensed Canadian immigration firm, you can reduce the scope of a faulty visa application by 90%.

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