2021 immigration target set at an all time high

2021 immigration target set at an all time high of 401,000. Now, more than 401,000 people will get Canada PR in 2021 – 2023.

As per the new details regarding the Canada Immigration Level plan 2021 – 2023, the 2021 immigration target set at an all time high. This is the first time that Canada has set such a big target since 1913. And yet again it is all set to make history. 2020 did slow down Canada but it always bounced back with reforms and better policies. The continuous draws selected a large number of people. Because Canada wanted to make sure that the pandemic does not affect its economic growth.

Besides, looking at the latest targets we can say that the country will surpass its 2021 target. Because accepting 401,000 immigrants will give a boost to Canada’s economy. But we must understand why immigration is important to Canada.

Canada is a first world country that has the best of everything to offer. But the country has a high old age population and the birth rate is low. As a result, a large number of Canada’s population is above 65. And with a low birth rate, the current young population is not enough to do skilled work. As a result, Canada always keeps its borders open to people who qualify and will be an asset to the country.

Moreover, looking at the year 2020, Canada has had a very relaxed approach to the processing of all applications.  It rolled out measures that helped in easy processing of all applications. And because the VAC’s were either understaffed or closed, the new measures helped the applicants. Such measures are the reason why Canada could issue 5000 ITAs in Express Entry draws. Similarly, 2021 does not seem to be any different. 

Canada 2021 – 2023 Immigration Levels Plan

Starting 2021 until 2023 Canada is going to welcome the following number of immigrants:

  2021 2022 2023
Category Target Low Range High Range Target Low Range High Range Target Low Range High Range
Overall Target 401,000 300,000 410,000 411,000 320,000 420,000 421,000 330,000 430,000

2021 immigration target set at an all time high. Are you applying?

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  • Finally, do not know where to start?

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