202 applicants qualify for an NOI in new BC PNP draw

Canada Immigration: 202 applicants qualify for an NOI in new BC PNP draw

British Columbia (BC) update: 202 applicants qualify for an NOI in new BC PNP draw on May 16, 2023. The 2-part general and targeted draw issued NOIs to applicants who match the following draw details:

Draw 1 – General Draw (including tech occupations)

  • Firstly, 162 applicants have a Notification of Interest (NOI).
  • Secondly, the following is the draw score for each of the BC PNP categories included:
    • Skilled Worker – 104
    • International Graduate – 107
    • EEBC Skilled Worker – 104
    • EEBC International Graduate – 107
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled – 85


Draw 2 – Targeted draw

Category: Skilled Worker, International Graduate and EEBC

  • Firstly, 29 applicants qualify and have an NOI.
  • Secondly, applicants who have an NOI, their job profiles come under the:
    • Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 42202)


Category: International Graduate, Skilled Worker and EEBC

  • Firstly, 11 applicants have an NOI.
  • Secondly, qualifying applicants’ job profile comes under the:
    • Healthcare sector

Moreover, the qualifying draw score for part 2 of the current draw is 60.


As 202 applicants qualify for an NOI in the new BC PNP draw, we can expect to see a positive rise in the selection of applicants for a PNP nomination. This is because when we compare the last May 09, 2023, BC PNP draw with the current draw we can see a rise of 48 points in NOIs.


BC PNP draw 2023 – Changes in draw figures up till now

Besides, when we look at the past draw history, we can see quite a rise and fall in the draw figures. The same is visible in the data below:

Date NOIs Issued Changes in draw figures
Jan-04-2023 211 N.A.
Jan-10-2023 148 -63
Jan-17-2023 191 43
Jan-24-2023 274 83
Jan-31-2023 240 -34
Feb-07-2023 245 5
Feb-22-2023 245 0
Feb-28-2023 169 -76
Mar-07-2023 274 105
Mar-14-2023 234 -40
Mar-21-2023 257 23
Mar-30-2023 215 -42
Apr-04-2023 165 -50
Apr-11-2023 138 -27
Apr-18-2023 207 69
Apr-25-2023 168 -39
May-02-2023 175 7
May-09-2023 154 -21
May-16-2023 202 48


Thus, looking at the above figures we can see a constant rise and fall in the NOIs issued by BC PNP. However, such changes are very normal and subject to change.

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