197 BC PNP applicants get PNP invites in Jan 16 2024 draw

197 BC PNP applicants get PNP invites in Jan 16 2024 draw

British Columbia holds the First tech and targeted draw of 2024. This is the second draw of 2024, with the first Jan 10, 2024, BC PNP draw selecting applicants from general and targeted categories. In this draw, we see 197 BC PNP applicants get PNP invites in Jan 16 2024 draw


The details of the same are as the following:

  • Firstly, 53 applicants from the childcare sector have PNP invites.
  • Secondly, 29 applicants from the healthcare sector have PNP invites.
  • Also, fewer than 5 applicants have PNP invites from the veterinary sector,
  • Besides, to qualify in the above 3 categories applicants needed a minimum EOI score to qualify.
  • Further, 91 applicants from the veterinary applicants have PNP invites.


Looking at the above details we see a slower start for the BC PNP tech applicants. Because in comparison to the last Dec 19, 2023, draw we see the following changes:

  • Firstly, 9 fewer applicants have PNP invites under the childcare sector.
  • Secondly, the last 2023 BC PNP draw did not select applicants from the veterinary sector.
  • Also, we see no change in the selection of applicants for the healthcare sector.
  • Besides, for the construction sector, we see 12 points fall in the selection of applicants.


Thus, looking at the above details we can see a slow start in the current draw. However, such draw changes are quite common in immigration draws. So, we should see positive changes in the upcoming draws. In the current one, we see 197 BC PNP applicants get PNP invites.

However, one thing we can deduce from the current draw is the higher demand for tech applicants in British Columbia. So, if you wish to apply for Canada PR visa then you must apply via the Express Entry + PNP pathway.

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