183 Tech immigrants get invitations for BC PNP nomination

183 Tech immigrants get invitations for BC PNP nomination

Sep 12, 2023: 183 Tech immigrants get invitations for BC PNP nomination. The 2 part BC PNP draw selected applicants from the following BC PNP categories:

Tech draw

  • 133 applicants have a PNP invitation.
  • The qualifying draw score is 88.


Targeted Draw

Skilled Worker, International Graduate, with EEBC category

  • 35 applicants from the childcare sector have an invitation.
  • 14 applicants from the healthcare sector have an invitation.
  • Also, the qualifying draw score for both of the above is 60.


Looking at the above draw details we can see a rise in the selection of applicants. As in the last similar draw of Aug 29, 2023, we see:

  • Firstly, 102 tech applicants have an invitation. Whereas current draw issues 133.
  • Secondly, in the targeted draw:
    • 28 childcare applicants qualify whereas in the current draw, 33 applicants qualify.
    • 20 applicants get PNP invitations for healthcare profiles. Currently, we see only 14 applicants qualify for the same.
  • But the last draw also selected applicants from other priority sectors (veterinarians) which the current draw did not include.


Despite the same, the current draw selected 33 more applicants for the BC PNP nomination. So, if your profile comes in demand for BC then you too have a chance of getting a PNP nomination.

After getting an invitation you will have to submit a complete provincial nomination application to BC PNP. The province will then screen your application and see if your profile is in demand and can contribute to the labour market of British Columbia. If satisfactory, you will get a provincial nomination. Further, with the nomination you can apply to IRCC for a Canada PR Visa. And successfully immigrate to Canada.

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