156 PNP candidates get invites in new British Columbia draw

156 PNP candidates get invites in new British Columbia draw

Oct 17, 2023: 156 PNP candidates get invites in new British Columbia draw. The latest BC PNP draw selected applicants in 2-part draws for general and targeted occupations.


The details of the same are as the following:

General Draw – 104 applicants have an invitation.

  • Skilled Worker (SW) & SW EEBC category – 111 EOI score.
  • International Graduate (IG) & IG EEBC category – 113 EOI score.
  • Entry Level & Semi-Skilled – 91 EOI score.


Targeted Draw – Up to 52 applicants have an invitation.

  • Childcare job profiles- 31 applicants have an invitation.
  • Healthcare job profiles – 17 applicants have an invitation.
  • Other priority – Fewer than 5 applicants have an invitation.
  • Besides, the EOI score in this draw is set for 60 for all the above-targeted categories.


In addition, when we compare the above draw data with the last similar Oct 04, 2023, BC PNP draw we can:

  • Firstly, see a fall in the selection of general draw applicants by 6 points.
  • Secondly, 20 fewer candidates from the childcare sector have an invitation.
  • Also, 8 fewer applicants from the healthcare sector have an invitation.
  • However, the invitation for the other priority sectors remains the same.


Thus, we can see a dip in the issuing of PNP invitations to applicants. But we can expect the figures to go up in upcoming BC PNP draws. However, we must be ready to see a few dips in the draw figures. So, we may either see a rise in invitations or a fall in the qualifying EOI score. Overall, BC still seems to be a preferred destination for applicants to settle in Canada.

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