1210 francophones selected in Nov 30 2023 Quebec Arrima draw

1210 francophones selected in Nov 30 2023 Quebec Arrima draw

After a strong emphasis on the French language requirement in Quebec immigration target 2024-2026, we see 1210 francophones selected in Nov 30 2023 Quebec Arrima draw. The applicants who have an invitation to apply for permanent selection meet the following Arrima draw conditions:

  • Firstly, 1210 francophones have an invitation.
  • Secondly, have a French language skill level of NCLC 7 or more.
  • Also, most importantly match the draw score of 609.


In addition, to the above applicants who meet the following criteria, also have an invitation:

  • Have a valid job offer from outside the territory of the metropolitan community of Montréal.


Quebec is the largest and the French-speaking province of Canada. Not only is the language requirement unique but the province also functions independently. This means it works separately from the federal government of Canada. And sets its immigration targets, visa pathways etc. However, the visa approval or rejection power stays with IRCC.

Besides, as 1210 francophones were selected in the latest Quebec draw, we can see a slight fall in draw figures. Because the Sep 07, 2023, Arrima draw selected 1422 people. As a result, the current draw is short of 212 applicants.


Applying to Quebec to settle permanently can be a bit of a task. Because it has a separate immigration system. Besides, the rest of the Canadian immigration system is complex as well. So, even IRCC advises seeking guidance from a CICC Licensed Immigration Consultant. To know how to choose the right consultant – Click HERE!

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