108000 PR Applicants Welcomed in Q1 2022

Canada Immigration: 108000 PR Applicants Welcomed in Q1 2022

The maple leaf country sees a positive rise in the selection of PR applicants. Sean Fraser (Honourable Immigration Minister) shared the details of the selection of 108000 Canada PR applicants in the first quarter of 2022.

The number may seem a bit less in comparison to the 2022 immigration levels target of 431,645. But it indeed is a good start to the year.

This move also comes due to multiple reasons such as application backlogs, slow processing times, after effect of the pandemic, rise in labour market needs and job vacancy rate etc. And Canada is facing repercussions because of them as well.

A look back at 2021-2022, shows the Canadian immigration department’s undeterred will to keep the inflow of foreign skilled workers. The same can be seen from the past introduction of new immigration pathways, policy changes, updates and lifting of restrictions.

The following are the updates shared by the minister:

  • Q1 2022 – 147,000 applicants selected for Canada. With an addition of another 10,000 applicants.
    • This figure, in comparison to 2021 is a double figure.
  • Canada 2021-2022 citizenship goal broken with approval of 210,000 Canada citizenship applications.
  • Canada is adding $85 million dollars.
    • This is to increase the processing time of Canada visa applications.
    • Besides, improving the immigration department personnel, digitalising the immigration process etc.

108000 PR Applicants welcomed in Q1 2022 report – Immigration budget to improve future results.

108000 PR applicants were welcomed in Q1 2022. And all this is possible with reinvigorating efforts to boost immigration to Canada.

The immigration budget 2022 aims to invest a total of $2.1 billion dollars over a period of 5 years. Also, it will add $317.6 million dollars to better the current ongoing immigration process. Read more here.

Besides, apart from huge fund investment, Canada is all set to modernise its immigration system. And is introducing modern technology to further fast-track the processing of Canada visa applications.

All such updates and Canada’s foreign skilled worker emergency are good signs for applicants who wish to settle in Canada.

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