10 places in Europe to spend Christmas time with family in 2023

10 places in Europe to spend Christmas time with family in 2023

Tis the season to be jolly! For it is the time to celebrate Christmas. One can feel the spirit of Father Christmas filling everyone’s heart with joy and hope. Also, the scent of the yule log, the warmth of an egg nog, and the dizzyingly dazzling lights of the cities. All adds to the rush of the Christmas season. So, why not gift your family the ultimate Christmas gateway? Witness magical places overseas with 10 places in Europe to spend Christmas time with family in 2023.

Besides, why choose Europe? The festive season in Europe is a magical time, filled with twinkling lights, enchanting decorations, and an atmosphere brimming with joy and warmth. So, if you are planning to create unforgettable memories with your family during Christmas then you are in for a promising and exceptional holiday experience.


Top 10 places to celebrate Christmas with family in 2023

1. Vienna, Austria 

Experience the heartwarming hospitality of Viennese locals as you stroll through dazzling Christmas markets adorned with lights and decorations.

The city offers affordable accommodations in Leopoldstadt, while the must-try delicacies include the iconic Sachertorte and traditional Austrian pastries.

Do not miss the Schönbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace. However, expect an average daily spending of €70-€100.




2. Strasbourg, France

Immerse yourself in the warm festive spirit embraced by the locals in Strasbourg. Besides, the Christmas markets of France are a global telltale. Because they showcase unique handicrafts and gifts at reasonable prices.

However, for budget-friendly stays, explore the Gare district. You must also take delight in Alsatian specialities like foie gras and bredele while exploring Strasbourg Cathedral and Petite France. Plan to spend around €60-€80 per day.




3. Prague, Czech Republic

Discover Prague’s fairytale-like charm heightened by the friendly locals during Christmas. The markets exhibit Czech handicrafts and mulled wine a must-have on the Christmas list.

Moreover, for affordable accommodations visit Prague 2 and Zizkov. Also, do not forget to taste Trdelník and traditional Czech Christmas dinner.

Add to your adventure by exploring Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. Also, within an average daily cost of €50-€70.



4. Barcelona, Spain

Take the name Barcelona and Freddie Mercury and football crosses your mind. The richness of taste, visuals and festive atmosphere is one to experience. The locals are super warm and friendly. Also, the markets offer affordable artisanal products and Catalan treats. Good and cheap accommodations are available around El Raval and Poble Sec.

Besides, indulge in Catalan cuisine and the delectable Turron dessert while exploring Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. Also, be prepared to spend an average of €70-€90 per day.



5. Budapest, Hungary

Feel the welcoming ambience of Budapest as locals embrace the holiday season. Christmas markets offer affordable handicrafts and Hungarian delicacies.

Look for budget-friendly stays around District VII and savour hearty Hungarian dishes and chimney cake.

Discover Buda Castle and thermal baths with an average daily expenditure of €40-€60.



6. Dublin, Ireland

Experience the warm Irish spirit during Christmas in Dublin.

Explore Christmas markets for unique Irish crafts and enjoy affordable accommodations near Temple Bar and Smithfield.

Savour traditional Irish Christmas pudding and seafood delights while visiting Dublin Castle and Trinity College, averaging €80-€100 per day.




7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Embrace the cosy hygge atmosphere in Copenhagen as locals celebrate Christmas.

Markets offer Nordic crafts and treats, with budget-friendly stays in Vesterbro and Nørrebro.

Try Danish delights like Æbleskiver and explore Tivoli Gardens and the Little Mermaid statue, spending around €90-€110 per day.




8. Edinburgh, Scotland

Engage in festive celebrations with welcoming locals in Edinburgh.

Christmas markets boast Scottish crafts and delicious street food.

Find affordable accommodations near Grassmarket and Leith, savouring traditional Scottish haggis and shortbread. Explore Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat within €70-€90 daily expenses.





9. Rome, Italy 

Feel the festive charm embraced by Romans during Christmas.

Markets showcase Italian crafts and delicious treats while offering budget-friendly stays around Trastevere and Monti.

Indulge in classic Italian cuisine and festive Panettone while exploring the Colosseum and Vatican City, spending €80-€100 per day.





10. Tallinn, Estonia

Enjoy a cosy and welcoming Christmas ambience in Tallinn with friendly locals. Discover affordable Baltic crafts and local delights at Christmas markets.

Stay economically in Kalamaja and Kadriorg while tasting Estonian black bread and gingerbread.

Explore Tallinn Old Town and Kadriorg Palace with an average daily spending of €50-€70.





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